Is Juicing Natural? Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder, Dr. Joseph Mercola, answers a question about fiber loss …

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  1. Crystal Cronin
    Crystal Cronin says:

    I juice different vegetables 3-4 times weekly early morning for my husband and myself.  I use most of the pulps to make a organic oatmeal soup with a tsp of turmeric 2 tbs of organic coconut oil, or ghee and  organic Himalayan Salt for breakfast.  I save rest of the pulps in the refrigerator to make oatmeal soup ( I put  what we can not use in our vegetable beds to feed the red wiggler worms) on the days when I am too busy to juice.  Surprisingly the oatmeal soup tastes very delicious.    

  2. DJMovit
    DJMovit says:

    Good information to know as I just kind of started juicing after watching that movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!" I gave my pulp to my worm farm. I guess I'll have to keep some for me. Thanks for answering that question as a video.

  3. MsBestsunshine
    MsBestsunshine says:

    Wow so glad I listen to this it is packed with great information to help me with my kidney and heart failure! I just got a dehydrator and now can use the veg pulp of my greens to make a thin layer to use as a bed for veg sandwich instead of seaweed sheets which is so thin. I think this will be so much better and will be thicker. sounds easy to make! I have the pink salt I can only have 1/4 tsp per day I rarely use any/ pepper flakes/my own natural homemade herb season mixto add to the pulp! THX

  4. Joe Stevenson
    Joe Stevenson says:

    Since I was a little kid I would chew on vegetables and certain fruits, suck the juice out of them, and then eventually spit them out. I was juicing! One might get more use of the digestive enzymes in the mouth from doing this as compared to juicing.

    Question: Is chewing on vegetables good for the teeth? (xylitol)

    It seems to me that vegetables may be natures gum. I love to chew on the real tough vegetable parts like the stem of a collard green or parsley.

  5. Mercola
    Mercola says:

    @CraftFamilyMO Great idea. That is precisely what I have been doing for past four months. Awesome way to increase fiber intake. Vegetable fiber serves as powerful prebiotic to increase the growth of beneficial bacteria.

  6. CraftFamilyMO
    CraftFamilyMO says:

    I know of some people who take the leftover pulp from juicing, and they add some herbs and spices to it, and make a sort of "vegetable chip" in their food dehydrators 🙂


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