Is Melatonin the Secret to a Good Night's Sleep? Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about melatonin benefits and the …

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  1. Anita Carrier
    Anita Carrier says:

    Many years ago I trained myself to remember my dreams, eventually I would automatically wake after each dream and write them down, I started to dream more and more to the point of becoming exhausted, waking feeling like I havent slept at all. It got to the point I was in constant REM sleep. My doctor asked me to write my dreams down and date them so I could see it was all in my mind and that although dreams may seem like they are lasting hours they were only a few minutes each time. I took him my book of dreams after one week and he was amazed that one weeks dreams totalled 5 A4 note books. He admitted I must be dreaming fir hours stuck in the REM state. This went on fir years. In my mind 20's I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome. I am no in my 40's and have experienced some interesting things. I am now dreaming yet still conscious at the same time. I can hear everything around me whilst dreaming. I discovered this is known as hypnagogia. The doctors assumed the fibromyalgia was causing the sleep issue but I have come to realise it was the sleep issue that caused my fibromyalgia, as lack of deep sleep will if course cause chronic fatigue but also causes pain we sensitivity. I have now just this minute ordered some melatonin gummies for shirt term use, to instigate a normal sleep cycle, in order to learn to sleep again. As hypnagogia is actually more form of meditation that sleeping, no wonder I'm exhausted lol

  2. Frank R. Haugen
    Frank R. Haugen says:

    I have, not officially diagnosed, Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, (can't be bothered to spend 4 nights in a sleep center to confirm it), and when I stumbled across Melatonin, (here in Norway, it's a prescription drug, and therefore not advertised), and got a prescription for it, my life changed drastically. I now get more sleep, I have a normal day rhythm, and I dream much more vividly, have less nightmares, and I remember my dreams better, (I understand that the more and clearer one dreams, the better the sleep quality is ). It's just a wonderful drug, though I'm lucky to have a sleep inducing effect from it, as many don't

  3. Troy Scott
    Troy Scott says:

    Your computer screen/T.V./iPad/iPod/iPhone or any other device emits a blue light spectrum similar too what is produced by the sun during the day. The brain produces melatonin which induces sleep and is not active until after the sun goes down and the blue light spectrum is no longer perceived by the eye. So the solution may be of wearing amber glasses if you need to be on an electronic device after sun down. There are also programs for computers that will reduce the blue light significantly. You may also purchase amber light bulbs best used in the evening.Here’s a link to a program that reduces the blue light on your computer. It’s free and works well. I’ve been using it. It turns on and off with the sunrise and the sunset.  As for the glasses you can buy amber glasses from Home Depot or Lowes for about $10-20

  4. YouReallyMuseMe
    YouReallyMuseMe says:

    Sleeping pills (i.e. Benzos) are not a good long term solution. Studies show early death rates higher among prescription sleeping pill users. Melatonin is much more useful – and I think safer – long term.

  5. Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor says:

    Have you tried melatonin yet? It has worked wonders for me. In the past, I was taking Ambien. Those pills can be dangerous, especially if you don't go to sleep in time while on them. I'll never take another prescription drug to help me sleep again.

  6. Meeruf
    Meeruf says:

    I'm from Norway. I always struggle with sleep in the winter. It's almost no sun here in the winter. I have not seen the sun in 3 mounths!! So I develop a 25 hour sleep rhythm. Got melatonin from my doctor today. Hope it helps! 🙂

  7. Marcelo Martins
    Marcelo Martins says:

    Hello Doctor, I would like to say that you are an amazing English speaker and also a doctor too,However , I am saying this because I watched this video because I need some melatonin information and as I was fully satisfied with your information I took advantage of the video in order to improve my English considering that I am Brazilian learner of English. by the way you´re fantastic thanks a lot.

  8. sunairjet
    sunairjet says:

    I will try melatonin to get over my sleeping pill addiction. If I dont take my sleeping pills at day I get pain and restlessness. It is unbearable, the pain has been constant for a few months now, and I have to run around. I am 20.

  9. glamhaze
    glamhaze says:

    If you are trying to get of SSRI'S, you might have trouble sleeping. My suggestion is to try melatonin, it is not a supplement so there are no bad side effects. Melatonin is a hormone, and as you get older you produce less of it, that is why older folks have a hard time sleeping, or staying asleep.
    Better than the crap the doctor will give you, and don't forget about the lovely side effects that come with a sleeping pill.

  10. Troppus
    Troppus says:

    Thank you very much for this informative video. I think everyone, especially those living in high population areas, need to take note of the things mentioned in this video. Having a peaceful, quiet, dark, and restful place to sleep as well as a clear contrast between day and night activities for the body and the eyes is essential to proper sleeping. Down with perscriptions and UP with knowledge and natural self improvement.


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