Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – The Full Interview!

Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – The Full Interview! If you missed it, here is the Full Interview of Jon after 10 years of silence! “We don’t …

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  1. p o
    p o says:

    Over a 100 comments here…each single one shares the same sentiments! They believe Jon! I can't wait for the rest of the kids to turn 18 and not have to depend on their mother. Every story has different sides but this is just too much. Kate can't be innocent in all this.

  2. C.A. Margazano
    C.A. Margazano says:

    I always felt like Kate was overwhelmed and wanted "control" but you cannot be that way when you're married…I think Kate realized that with the money coming in she could raise the kids and give them experiences and education that Jon couldn't afford with his income…even if she went back to work as a nurse raising 8 kids is expensive…I think a lot of the fame/money went to her head and then she tried to "control" it to increase it and that turned into a mess

  3. Clayton Paisley
    Clayton Paisley says:

    Imagine being a CHILD, with ZERO control over anything, and slowly developing and becoming aware that everything you say and every mistake you make or time you cry, millions of people are potentially watching it. Your privacy and dignity have been compromised by your own parents since before you could talk. This is why I never watched the show and I won't watch family vlogs here on YT. It's not ok to do to kids, period, and each and every person who watches it is guilty as well. As a culture we need to change our priorities and protect children.

  4. Lulu4Him
    Lulu4Him says:

    Oh, no, I never for a second thought Kate was an innocent victim in this marriage. On the contrary, I believed she was very cold person especially toward her children. I realized soon after I started watching the show that Jon was a great guy because of how he handled Kate and her rudeness. I'm glad he is now able to speak about this. I'm on your side and have always been on your side Jon. Blessings to you buddy.

  5. Kati Searles
    Kati Searles says:

    She treated him worse than a dog. He was her indentured servant and she is a narcissistic, toxic person who will damage those around her. I have been there and experienced this. Normal people question their sanity in these situations. Leaving is all you can do sometimes and children make it an impossible situation.

  6. Sara Zoll
    Sara Zoll says:

    Who really cares honestly. .be cause as a woman we all have a controlling side just as well as men..none of us were there do we really know what happened and who was right or wrong no we dont..I like Kate and I like Jon my opinion is why does it matter no one's life is perfect we all have a closet doesn't mean we have to put it out on social media! !

  7. DeneQuia
    DeneQuia says:

    He needs to sue Kate and TLC for defamation of character and for what happened to his son. That poor little boy will be damaged for the rest of his life because of how his mom treated him and how she just threw him away 🤦🏾‍♀️ this is so sad 😞

  8. Kristi London
    Kristi London says:

    That poor baby. Thank God that he was able to get that letter to his father. Kids now days are being put on medications for every type of normal child behavior. We have to know that they are little humans too. They have emotions, and ups and downs. I pray that the rest of those children will find their way back to Jon, and hopefully receive the attention and love, on a personal level, that children so desperately need. I imagine that in the coming years we will find out the whole truth, and horror that those children have been through. Don't stop fighting Jon. They will always be worth it. I have worked with orphans for years, and can tell you that love is the only thing that heals wounds.

  9. E Rust
    E Rust says:

    Omg! How is that possible or legal to have kept the Father away and uninformed for 3 years?!! Think about the stress in these kids lives having cameras in their faces ALL the time! I’m shocked only one had issues. I know I would’ve done the show; I think Kate n John were naive and TLC was SO intrusive, they had no normal family time at one point! I applaud him for trying to pump the breaks on it! I don’t know about anyone else but a 10 yr gag order, when cameras are being stuck in your face… I’d have to be literally GAGGED with duct tape!


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