Julie Murray's Opinion on What Happened to Her Sister

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  1. fernand robichaud
    fernand robichaud says:

    Maura stayed in the car and desperately kept trying to contact CAA for roadside assistance. She had lied to Butch that she already had called but it was only so he wouldn't call the police and I can't blame her. She didn't know there wasn't any connection in that specific area and Butch didn't inform her; a mistake. Let's face it, had there been cell phone connection in the area she would be alive today.
    Had Butch told her that there wasn't any connection, Maura would have surely gone to his house and call CAA from there and again, would be alive today.

    By calling CAA, a tow truck would have been despatched immediately and she would have hopped in and brought safely to the nearest town where accommodation would have been secured for her.
    She was alone yes but not that vulnerable, a simple call was all she needed. Sadly, evil came knocking at her car window.


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