Julie Schiffman Demonstrates EFT Tapping When Feeling Disappointment

Julie Schiffman demonstrates how to use EFT for when you’re feeling disappointment Subscribe for the latest health news: http://bit.ly/2qLgWRW Visit our …

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  1. david c smith
    david c smith says:

    Thank you Mucho Gracis! from David in Mulege B.C.S. im trying to get a Airline ticket back to Canada ,And im not having much Luck! And I was very frustrated …..and was trying to get back on line to check flights …when your video showed up ,and i just did the whole exercise !! Now i feel Great! ready to carry on with a smile!!

  2. Bethel Laborde
    Bethel Laborde says:

    Spot on Julie…it's as though you can read my mind. Thanks for these mini tapping sessions to help us all make time for this empowering modality. Your frequent emails remind me to Tap daily.


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