Liver Shunts in Dogs – Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative …

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  1. Angelina Giovinazzi
    Angelina Giovinazzi says:

    Thank you this was so informative and so wonderful my dog is still in the process of being diagnosed with this we just got the liver function test back we're still waiting for the results of her myasthenia graves test but I don't think it's that… but we were prescribed lactulose for stool softening and an antibiotic and also denamarin advanced for liver protection and also a hepatic dog food which I'm not too crazy about I am definitely looking into homemade recipes I feel much more comfortable with that and I'm very happy that you said the shunt that your keys are prone to are very easy to correct surgically I'm hoping if she does have one it's that one and that her liver is not too far gone and surgery may be an option and then in that case hopefully it's something I can financially figure out I'm going to be scheduling her for an ultrasound on Monday

  2. zantigar
    zantigar says:

    Wow, Dr. Becker, you are a truly superb speaker, giving a tremendous amount of information in a concise easy to understand manner. I learned more from your talk than all the other sites put together!

  3. geoff quayle
    geoff quayle says:

    We honestly reserved getting our dog neutered and fed him lower protein food because of finances. we were going to get him neutered (at age 3) and took him for a well check. Our daughter picked up on some issues and asked for some bloodwork and we learned about the congenital liver shunt. We couldn't believe the diagnosis and were so relieved we didn't just go ahead and neuter him. We are making his own food now and adding in supplementation. Trying to get his weight up and learn what we can to give him the longest life possible. This was helpful, thank you very much!

  4. Brian P
    Brian P says:

    Our german Shepherd puppy most likely has the intra shunt and is having 10 second long seizures, diarrhea and is under weight.  This has been really hard on us.. Thank you so much for the info

  5. David Anderson
    David Anderson says:

    VERY INFORMATIVE !!! I am a Yorkie breeder and we lost OUR first Yorkie(pet) to a liver shunt, He died coming out of anestisia . Thank-you for the great information I am going to put a link to you on our Web site.. Andereson'

  6. Rasta Marley
    Rasta Marley says:

    I wish at least one of the vets i went to with my york was as smart as her All they told me was to give him lactulose now i find out that there are so many other things that could help my dog ! Ireland is uneducated

  7. Biloca Castro
    Biloca Castro says:

    Very good video. I would only have liked to hear Dr. Becker explain to the viewers about MVD (tiny micro shunts inside the liver, for which there is not surgery, only management control with a low protein diet). Also explain that only a Doppler ultrasound would be better to diagnose it and even better a scintigraphy. And surgery is required for extra hepatic shunts.


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