MEDICAL CONFESSIONS! Doctor Mike Vs. Juanpa Zurita

During my latest LA trip I hit up Juanpa Zurita to collab and I thought of no better game to play than medical confessions! This is a spin on the game true …

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  1. ExoTic 225
    ExoTic 225 says:

    I knew the q tip was a lie. his dad's a doctor. he would've freaked out if he saw that kinda behaviour in his house. my dad wasn't a doctor and still would've killed me if he saw me doing that.

  2. karla Knapper
    karla Knapper says:

    Hola Juanpa, are you from Mexico City or did you move there later? U went there twice with my Spanish class in high school. You're a funny kid, you guys should make another video. Love from Minnesota 🤗


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