Medical Racism & The Tragedy Of Dr. Susan Moore

Dr. Susan Moore contracted COVID-19 late last year and turned to social media to air her grievances regarding her medical care, stating she was the victim of …

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  1. Stormyweather
    Stormyweather says:

    I'm Australian, and I know we like to pretend to be less racist than America but I have read too many articles about Aboriginal women being treated like drug addicts when they have serious medical problems, being laughed at while miscarrying, and blatantly being called liars when they're in pain. The whole medical system, worldwide, needs an overhaul in education and training when it comes to believing women and people of colour.

  2. talia_coppola91
    talia_coppola91 says:

    I’ve been an RN for 6 years, and I see this all the time. As a new NP, I promise I’m going to actively try to close the gaps of care in our healthcare system in terms of gender, race, socioeconomic status, and cultural disparities.

  3. Esther Farris
    Esther Farris says:

    Was and is people of color being killed in these hospitals. Why so many white nurses an no black nurses. Only a few. Why are blacks not allowed in the nursing field except NA 1 or Na2
    We need equal representation train blacks to be nurses. Come on people stop hating or denying folk the right to be a nurse because of color

  4. Jay Krizpy
    Jay Krizpy says:

    I'm white but have still had to deal with the same discrimination of being treated like a drug addict& denied attiquate care due to past drug use& can only wonder how much worse it would've been if I was of color& while I'm so thankful to be white cuz of the racism problems we Have in america but am not ok with it, won't deny it& will always fight to change that but I do believe that being black I may have had even worse problems being discriminated against & have seen ppl of color have more problems getting the care they deserve w/o any other reason than their race cuz the young rich white guy in the same position had little to no problems! Summary: there is alot of racism& discrimination of drug addicts& sober long recovered drug addicts as well as sexual orientation discrimination and so much more types of bias& discrimination in the healthcare industry & until that changes I along with alot of other ppl will hate the action& complete ordeal of going TO a doctor& seeking out the healthcare we direly need!

  5. Baltimore Murderland
    Baltimore Murderland says:

    Sad sad sad! Dr.Bannec should have his license revoked! This is a sad tragedy, she lost her life for no reason but neglect, racism, and having the wrong color of skin in a devastating time of health needs! It’s so bad! This country is the epitome of racial bias ness! Smh….

  6. D. O.
    D. O. says:

    No. You can’t trust a medically compromised person to make the racism call. People of color sadly have high substance abuse statistics- this colors all medical statistics. People are either loving and good people or not. I doubt that this is more about racism than just horrible care being a routine occurrence.

  7. D. O.
    D. O. says:


  8. Callmeabutterfly Sheila
    Callmeabutterfly Sheila says:

    Hard to prove? There is a overwhelming amount of data from the last 40 years that indicate unfavourable outcomes for people of color due to doctors making completely different decisions when providing care for people of color. So there is proof that health professionals currently are negatively biased against providing appropriate care for people of color. This is called malpractice. This form of malpractice is so wiidespread, no system of accountability is in place.

  9. Renee Palmer
    Renee Palmer says:

    Dr. Susan ……… There Is Something Wrong, with the Mind-set of Raciest People !! They Took An OATH !! and maybe It was an Oath Of Race !! I'M So Sad You Had To Die, In This Manner …. God Bless You…

  10. gina Mo
    gina Mo says:

    I disagree with the “if I was white” .. I’m white and went to a certain OBGYN with swollen axillary lymph nodes… this very respected OBGYN told me I was feeling extra things… Then I went to another doctor and ended up with a 3C from the VA and eventually a stage 4 breast cancer … Doctors can’t listen to their patients… Her family needs to get a lawyer that specializes in medical malpractice! She was treat horribly by these asses ..

  11. Barbea M
    Barbea M says:

    I had to switch my white female doc when I moved . This new doc gave me no eye contact, seemed to be moody and refused to give me my medication. I felt discriminated . The stereotype is reality. I switched to a doc with my same Hispanic background and what a relief. She addressed all my concerns and listened intensively. It is sad that we go through this but, it is a reality.

  12. Hi, My Name Is Danny!
    Hi, My Name Is Danny! says:

    3:44 Okay, that woman was experiencing some form of unprofessionalism. It might not be racism. But just because you may be not non-white does not mean you know what racism is. A white person could know racism more than you. Just because you might be a woman does not mean you know sexism. A man could know sexism more than you. While racism and sexism for women and U.S. minorities is wrong, we should acknowledge the racism and sexism for males and whites that growing faster than the women and minorities. 2 to 1. This means that we should acknowledge both sides.

  13. Brenda Braxton
    Brenda Braxton says:

    I think you are making a mistake. It’s not racism. It’s that these doctors are being told not to treat covid with medicine. They are telling that to white peoples too. The doctors send all race of people home with no medicine and tell them there’s nothing they can do.

  14. TayMarie.E
    TayMarie.E says:

    hundred percent on the dr kadijah's point on not fostering those interest from young. I'm in Toronto Canada, and here we have hoods too; it never crossed my mind to go to medical school, let alone attend a top university. I noticed that when I switched schools to a predominately white school in a privileged area, the students there had parents and teachers who fostered their interested. By setting them up with the right courses, volunteer options and networking opportunities to enhance their abilities into getting into those schools made a difference. I am now 21 in undergrad studies planing on being a physician, working in my hood and to also provide hope, foster young kids interest in being greater than their circumstances. thank you dr mike for popping up on my explore page and giving me the drive to continue my studies.

  15. Kimberly Langevin
    Kimberly Langevin says:

    Why is it about race though? I'm asian but pass as white as hell. And I have had a horrible experience with a hospital and my first born. It wasn't because I am a different race. And before you say , I look white, so I don't understand. I HAVE experienced racism. All of my family has. But it isn't all about race.

  16. Karen Osterblom
    Karen Osterblom says:

    My heart ❤ breaks for Dr Moore & her son.😢 Unfortunately, her story exposes the treatment MANY of us have witnessed 1st hand and yes … even us white folk. Anyone suffering PAIN who requests (begs) for RELIEF are treated like you're an addict by ER staff. Yes I 'get it' … they're often faced with addicts looking for a fix & using the ER'S to get it.🤬 However, like Dr Moore, many ppl suffer from underlying medical conditions & obviously, Covid can cause pain or intensify pain. I had NO idea you can get Covid in the throat & knowing Dr Moores long term medical history, it must've been horribly painful for her. I can't help but wonder WHY they released her? It sounds as tho her vitals went haywire within days.

  17. Kay M
    Kay M says:

    I NEVER leave YouTube comments but I can’t seem to resist the urge in this case. I’m assuming that most of Doctor Mike’s demographic are white people, like myself. When majority of his videos well surpass 2, 3, even 4 million views on average (and then, of course, there’s the videos with 20 million views lol). It’s extremely upsetting that while watching this a month after it was posted, I realized that it still hasn’t even hit a million views. It just goes to show how many people are disinterested in education themselves and doing some self reflection over one of the major issues the world is currently facing. We are long overdue for finding a “cure” for racism. Black people (and all other minority communities) should not have to work so much harder just to POSSIBLY be given a chance at anything and everything (education, work, medical care, housing, etc). I doubt anyone will read this comment honestly, but if you are reading this right now and you’re white I urge you to take the Harvard IAT. Gain some self awareness. It’s not enough to just say you’re not racist and share a post on your Instagram story when the next racially motivated assault or murder happens. Racism has many forms, it’s not just hatred or fear. We as white people have inherited biases and micro aggressions our whole lives. Racism is taught through white culture, granted- some of us are taught it more aggressively than others. However we all learn it in one form or another. It’s our job now to unteach it to ourselves, so we can truly start on finding a real solution for a problem that shouldn’t have ever existed in the first place.

  18. Paula Mattis And Mandel
    Paula Mattis And Mandel says:

    Basically that’s what happened to me when the young daughter stood outside the doorway and denied any kind of care for me not even looking at paperwork or analogy mean that a specialized surgeon knew that this was very highly an emergency and important for his team that is not in my area to see me immediately he didn’t hear any of that and he didn’t hear me discuss the paperwork in the stuff I had from the doctor or the fact that he was looking at me and seeing my face totally swollen on the right side like a golf ball and it’s horrifically Heartbreaking this happens

  19. Paula Mattis And Mandel
    Paula Mattis And Mandel says:

    Truly patients know their own bodies like they know when something truly is wrong and they will have no hesitation to let you know but as a medical professional you should do everything ethically in your power and medically to your knowledge to save and help patients this is extremely heart wrenching and heartbreaking💟🛐💟🙏🏾


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