Oz Investigation: Dr. Oz and Christie Brinkley Take on the Scammers

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  1. Rayne
    Rayne says:

    If any beauty product promises a free trial, you just pay shipping…..RUN! They have your credit card and you will be billed every month for a product that does nothing.

  2. Simona Bianca
    Simona Bianca says:

    Hi to all of you, I'm a beautician, I've been working in this field for a lifetime. I studied at the level of a paramedic, in-depth the field of cosmetology, and the anatomy of the skin and everything that affects the human body. I tell you with extreme honesty that there is no rejuvenating, impossible cream in the world. On the other hand, if one cares for oneself from a young age, one benefits from the other. But the years pass. Needless to insist. Make no mistake. Surgery turns ugly and ages even more, better left to those who have serious problems and not to look like a twenty year old. Brinkley, undoubtedly a beautiful woman, but like many others in the world, her genetics has given her a good look, but it is very clear that she is not more than thirty or forty years old. His hands, neck, face skin, his eyes have changed over the years. The miracle is not the creams, but having inherited from the parents. Do not spend money, in the hope of looking young, life is beautiful because you have experiences, and you never go back. It is enough to have the maturity to understand.

  3. Calvin Green
    Calvin Green says:

    So the inability of these reporters to track down the website scamming people turn to the manufacture who has nothing to do with scam and put the blame on them since they're accessible.

    And then they ask why they won't answer theirs questions but why would they, who are you to ask these questions?

    If you can't do your job in finding the real scammers then quit.

  4. Dale Lois Ulmer
    Dale Lois Ulmer says:

    I'm trying to help the lady that started this page https://www.facebook.com/FaceCreamFraud/?eid=ARBS1D8TXGMAHSuZWeo75QgMvfiUwOvhZ5vp-431Mjd1GIAQERbkYdSkEJm7aqFUbeG33wF2eiH0HVLd  to warn consumers how these scammers USE , without their permission, shows like Shark Tank, celebrities like Dr. Oz, Joanna Gaines, Melania Trump, and numerous others to FALSELY endorse these products. I've contacted several in government positions to do something about these scam skin care ads. One thing you all can do is to post video's like this on your local news Facebook page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzubZ6NN9_g&fbclid=IwAR2GRGie2Gjmdlt2TiN_mIoRPISwvDQyYEbJQYXLB-MJd9rf9BvbVa7pDJ8  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np_VKFg238A&fbclid=IwAR3EPFiU_8vRtsnu6-5hWH4bGSpsZM_5Fya4h6f61d7PPGOkCykp2HKL6zY

  5. sally johnny
    sally johnny says:

    This has happened with me it was reviv ultime now one does anything. I also googled amazons number which was the very first number on google and it was a fraud number that stated my accounts were hacked and i had to secure my account long store short i lost 2500 with google play cards reported to ftc no one does anything its worse than getting robbed because our goverment really doesnt do anything google is in on it there the only one that benifits from google play and you would think they had people checking for scams on google not posting there info on very first page and first number

  6. Iluv Merengue
    Iluv Merengue says:

    I laughed when one of the women said "as a smart consumer" she still fell for it. How come I and probably others ignore those hyped up ads disguised as "articles"? I just think some people are very gullible.

  7. David S.
    David S. says:

    Dr. Oz is a snake oil salesman. He's always endorsing vitamins and creams himself that he claims gets rid of wrinkles, yet look at his face. He looks like 70 years old already.

  8. Lakeside
    Lakeside says:

    YES!!!! This is who gave my money back on 2 skin screens! It really is a scam but I unfortunately got my money back right away cause I caught it but I did have to send the cream back!!!

  9. B B Jack
    B B Jack says:

    Dr. Oz, that was a great show with Christie Brinkley exposing one of the scammers ! Her name is Dr. Hannah Vu , shown on camera so the world sees her face ! I was scammed close to $500.00, with an add that used Dr. Oz name. Next time I need a quality skin care product, I'll go to the cosmetic counter at the mall.


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