Pistachios: The Best Snack For Weight Loss

Whittle your waistline with pistachios! Packed with protein, potassium and fiber, Dr. Oz explains why you should get nutty for this powerhouse snack.

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  1. M QUE
    M QUE says:

    He did not just throw a bunch of pistachios on the floor, like do you know how expensive that is. What even is wrong with this show. saying," healthy food, they are so good for you," but let me just throw some food on the floor cuz it makes it more important or something.

  2. conrrado doente
    conrrado doente says:

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  3. Sean Ford
    Sean Ford says:

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  4. Dennis Wood
    Dennis Wood says:

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  5. HB
    HB says:

    Why do they feel the need to be so wasteful, and walk on all those pistachios?
    Are they so mentally challenged that they could not find a way to make to make a big impression on the audience any other way?
    I just feel that way to many people struggle to afford healthy foods, and for a doctor to be a part of the wasting is a violation of his oath!

  6. jj shoot
    jj shoot says:

    This was one of the most stupid idiot demonstrations that I have ever seen ,,why would you dump nuts on the floor …the step into & on them. What message does that send or mean to anyone.. Fxck.
    Then the clear plastic tubes that he tells the young girl to dump pretzels into has no meaning????
    This guy is a loser … he had to be paid by the NUT INDUSTRY as he keeps telling you to go out and buy some … A 4 year old could have put together a better Video .. I rate it as Piss Ass Poor ..

  7. Tommy Sier
    Tommy Sier says:

    You’re are not getting any of those “pistachios “ people
    No matter what happens to the dam things
    How have we become so sensitive to everything that breathes these days
    Doctor OZ and his staff are only trying to point out
    The Heart Healthy snack and it’s benefits
    O- I get it, it’s too clean, not enough drama for you to agree on
    Again, patronizing the evils of the 🌍world
    Only to punish the good in life
    Excuse me folks, I just dropped a slice of pizza🍕 on the floor
    It’s OK everyone, I’ll still eat the dam thing (I believe we”ALL” have become nuts🥜) W0W
    And if I’m nuts 🥜 too,
    Can I be a “PISTACHIO “‼️🤪


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