Prank Calling Doctors…As A Doctor

I haven’t gotten to see many of my doctor friends since quarantine started, so I wanted to reach out and talk medicine… in the form of a prank. I spoke to my pals …

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  1. DivineLuna
    DivineLuna says:

    Dr. Dilshad: Older brother who’s walking around in circles in his castle that wants choke Dr. Mike out

    Dr. Espina: Stern father who’s about to loose it and also choke Dr. Mike out

    Dr. Jones: Patient, confused, but very concerned mother 😂

  2. Osheen D
    Osheen D says:

    Watched it so many times with my colleagues but we still can’t stop laughing 😂
    Thank you Dr. Mike….we really need some good humour in our professional lives, especially with the stress from the pandemic

  3. Athina Marceau Verón
    Athina Marceau Verón says:

    Dr. Luis Espina : "What is He Talking about "
    Dr . Mike : " no , but like i don´t understand "
    Dr. Luis Espina : *omg I can´t belive that he dosn´t know that * * he´s so stupid * * I´m not sure if he was my student *

  4. MechaShadowV2
    MechaShadowV2 says:

    Interesting, I always thought that menopause was just when the symptoms of no longer being able to get pregnant happened, such as hot flashes and such, not the entire time frame after it started

  5. Terry Norton
    Terry Norton says:

    My mom was in a study for hormone replacement in menopausal women. Dr. Mike, her periods started again and she was in her 80s!!!!!!!!!!!!! No POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We told her to stop taking the drugs and tell the study center why.

  6. Cee Dee
    Cee Dee says:

    You remind me of sheldon from the big bang theory

    You joke about some insanely confusing smart thing and u find it so funny and everyones watching like “whats anatieslisymptomitis liquid” 👁👄👁


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