Ranking The MOST Accurate Medical Dramas | Dr. Mike

Over the last few years on YouTube I’ve reacted to 16 medical dramas. Today, in honor of counting down the New Year, I decided to rank them from least …

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  1. Mark Tudque
    Mark Tudque says:

    Really?! What is the motivation here? You're pretty enough to be an actor. You should try it! It may be the profession in line with your motivation. I appreciate it when you cover medical/surgical issues.

  2. Ollah Marie Macias
    Ollah Marie Macias says:

    You havent see the Romantic doctor. Please watch it doc. Romantic doctor.. it is a korean drama that has 2 season.. pls pls watch and make a reaction video about it. You wont regret watching it i promise 😀

  3. Stacy Paris
    Stacy Paris says:

    I loved Royal pains because it was so farcical!! Dude is short of breath? Hmm wait until I'm on my drive home amd realise he's about to die, screech back to his house and perform an emergency tracheostomy with a bath sponge, some lego, a straw and a pineapple 😂

  4. Carol Harris
    Carol Harris says:

    I dont get how the autistic doctor is realistic but firing an medical dept is not. Of course it is rare but not impossible so how does that mean its not realistic. I figure the unrealistic would come from actually the science, protocol and procedures on the show not whether they fire an entire department or romance around the corner thats just the spice of the show. Im not seeing how that makes the show unrealistic.

  5. Nyanna Ross
    Nyanna Ross says:

    I prefer New Amsterdam to Grey's Anatomy. I don't like the romance in Grey's. I'm only on episode 3 of New Amsterdam. Grey's Anatomy glorifies pointless divorce (and pointless marriages lol). I love House and the Good Doctor because it has the least amount of romance (in the 4 medical shows I've seen).

  6. David J. Scott
    David J. Scott says:

    ER 100% deserves to be on the top of the list. I can't speak from a medical perspective cause I know absolutely nothing about the medical field, but it always has been a fantastic show. I felt like Scrubs should've been higher, but I'm probably biased because I love the show.


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