Real Doctor Reacts to NURSE JACKIE | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

This one is for all those nurses out there that requested I check out this show. I had no idea what I was getting myself into as Nurse Jackie is a very fresh …

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  1. Kyle Marston
    Kyle Marston says:

    Dr. Mike does not like the stereotype but how many docs are like that performing unnecessary test, extra billing codes, treating and not curing. Would love to see a real video on the Mikes option on the problem.

  2. missstorrm
    missstorrm says:

    oh, come over to China. in public hospitals, it's normal to examine the patients when the door's open xD even at ob-gyn!! actually, the other patients always listen and are disappointed if a foreigner throws them out of the doctor's office xD (i swear, true story)

  3. Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen says:

    Heard a story from my dad about a girl he knows who crashed her bike and crushed her ribs, spearing her stomach. Long story hort: she survived, but every time I think about the sight that must've been for her family, seeing her in the hospital bed, bawling so hard when not bing fixed on, that she doesn't know what do with herself … it's strong stuff.

  4. Riptydez
    Riptydez says:

    Just finished Nurse Jackie for the second time this morning and man, I'd love to see Doctor Mike review more episodes from later in the series. The crimes in the show only get more and more over the top, even to an unrealistic point. It would be cool to see a medical professional give their thoughts on the bigger issues and crimes portrayed in the show.

  5. Maddie Studios
    Maddie Studios says:

    Omg I couldn’t help laughing when he said, “ this poor lady who is choking on (but then the scene switched so it sounded like he said) “ this poor lady who is choking on 16 year old male” 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Gabriellaa_xxo Ricci
    Gabriellaa_xxo Ricci says:

    I love how you picked up on how those pills in the show are clearly fake. 🙃😂

    P.s. i wish you would do like an educational video on Addiction, specifically opiate addiction, the epidemic thats wiped out half my generation.. Theres still so much stigma surrounding addiction and mental health. But maybe comming from you, a smart, knowledgeable, experienced doctor with a platform, people would listen, stop debating an judging an start helping… Or atleast just stop judging.

  7. Vicky Fox
    Vicky Fox says:

    We do something known as the Glasgow Coma Scale which is gives you a score from 0 to 15.
    A GCS of 5/6 or and the person is hardly conscious.
    A GCS of 3 and you've got a patient with no neurological response at all, even to pain.
    And if you got a GCS of 0 …well you don't have a patient in front of you then!

  8. Shin Hye
    Shin Hye says:

    Thank you for highlighting the show Strong Medicine.You will not regret reviewing it.Thanks for taking all our suggestions.Looking forward to see you review Strong Medicine at some point.Take care of yourself and thank you for keeping us informed and entertained.

  9. Veronica Canfield
    Veronica Canfield says:

    When my best friend died, he didn’t ever make a decision on organ donation, his mother (a registered nurse) made the decision to donate his organs, the lives he saved after his death still amazes me. 💚

  10. AntiFed1791
    AntiFed1791 says:

    This is a show about addiction if it is about anything at all. It shows how good people can destroy themselves and everything around them because of their addiction. In that regard the show is 100% accurate.

  11. Julia Signs
    Julia Signs says:

    Can you please watch Red Band Society? The series finale is a good episode and touches on many mind body topics and various mental and physical illnesses. The other episodes tend to have more drama than medicine.

  12. Renelyn Pormiento
    Renelyn Pormiento says:

    hello doc. i would like to recommend a Korean Medical drama called DR. John it is about a doctor of anesthesiology that has a CIPA(Congenital insensitivity to pain) condition. Im looking forward for you. have a nice day doc.

  13. Meol 03
    Meol 03 says:

    Epocrates is not available in the Swedish app store, do you have any recommendation for another application that may be available here with similar functions to Epocrates?


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