Red Light and Near-Infrared Therapy- Interview with Ari Whitten

In this interview, Ari Whitten, author of “The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy,” reviews the mechanics and basic benefits of red light and infrared light.

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  1. Kathleen 168
    Kathleen 168 says:

    I hadn't received notifications in a really long time, more than a year. I just assumed you lost your channel. Just a bit of advise, you should preserve your videos. Sometimes they get removed.

  2. victoryak86
    victoryak86 says:

    I read Ari’s book and purchased a light last year. I’m fascinated with the power and healing properties of the various ranges of light and especially the sun. I’m amazed and angry at conventional “science” for so much disinformation about such a fundamental thing. “Sunlight and all Uv light is BAD!” Just such utter idiocy and insanity. It comes down to this: the mainstream scientific community thinks it knows better than God, Who made our world. Sham science drives me crazy.

  3. Spectra Saunas
    Spectra Saunas says:

    Most far infrared saunas will have a relatively uniform heat throughout the enclosure. A near infrared sauna using heat lamps will focus the heat directly at the body, and as Dr. Mercola pointed out, both near and mid infrared energy penetrate more deeply than far infrared. This is why you can have a heat lamp sauna with an enclosure temperature of 90 degrees (F) and have the same or better sweat potential as a strictly far infrared sauna with an enclosure temperature of 170 degrees (F).

  4. Michele capriotti
    Michele capriotti says:

    Ari Whitten is one of my favorite face book friends. I have his book, I take his advice, and he’s truly the real deal. I’m impressed with Dr Mercola featuring him here. Thank you Ari and Dr Mercola 💛

  5. M. K.
    M. K. says:

    In times like these would be amazing as backup plattform, it is superior to bitchute which has bad search and very often buffer problems on newly uploaded content.
    On hot topic against mainstream narratives maybe peertube too.
    Im always trying to use alternative plattforms, the more switch over the better, and more will follow like a herd of sheeples switching the pen.

  6. KrissyKayIndigo 1111
    KrissyKayIndigo 1111 says:

    I have been doing Dr. Lawrence Wilson's red light therapy protocol an hour daily for the past 1.5 years, and haven't noticed anything. I thought my skin would be different, at the very least. I rotate my torso every 6 minutes, and sweat buckets. I eat 80% fat, mostly red meat, salmon roe, liver, sardines, pastured egg yolks, etc, so I'm supporting it with stacking many other healthy choices and modalities.

  7. Ian
    Ian says:

    Great interview, never knew about Ari, he's going to make a just as large an impact on my health as you did Dr. Mercola.
    Thank you very much! Once again


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