Signs You Might Be Pregnant Without Knowing It

Dr. Jessica Shepherd outlines the tricky signs of a pregnancy that women may miss, from negative home pregnancy tests to abnormal periods, and what to do if …

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  1. Christina Sibuea
    Christina Sibuea says:

    There are also women who have had their tubes tied, and are told they can never get pregnant again, unless they have them reverse! These women may have pregnancy symptoms, but brush them off thinking it's impossible, due to what they have been told; Only to find out they were in fact pregnant! I hate the fact that these doctors don't want to admit, that most of these women have a feeling they are pregnant, but the tests, and doctors tell them they aren't! Tests fail, and doctors make mistakes!!!! They never like to admit that though!!!!

  2. Milan Mac Baby
    Milan Mac Baby says:

    I had my period when I was pregnant 🤰. I was 6 weeks ended ectopic right tube removed. Right now I’m TTC my rainbow 🌈 baby. I just purchased Serrapeptase Pink Stork Fertility Tea & a new Conception Prenatal. Wish me Luck

  3. fuzzymaiden1
    fuzzymaiden1 says:


    The "hook" effect happwns qhen you are actually too FAR ALONG for the home urine test to detect pregnancy and heres why. The urine test only from 25miu to about 50miu (hCG pregnabcy hormone in pee). And if you test at 3, 4 MONTHS your urine may be soo concentrated that the test cant test that high of amounts abd will give you a negative. This is COMMON despite what web md says.. in one forum alone 20 out of 25 women got a neg test at about 12 weeks along abd they were scared something had gone wrong.

    So jeres what you can do.. try the pregnabcy test in 4 different ways.. at home, then go to a clinic for blood:

    1) Take a test with FIRST MORNING URINE, make syre you held your pee for a good 5 hrs (no midsleep pee breaks)

    2) Take test after 5 hrs of being awake, sone womens hcg on concentrates once they are up. Hold your pee for 5 hrs.

    3) with the same first morning pee, pour a bit into a cup and add same amount of WATER to DILUTE the pee then dip your test. This is the best way, so many women got a STRONG POSITIVE ONLY AFTER they diluted the pee becayse it was then 25miu to be detected.

    3) using a CASSETTE type test where you put 3-5 drops in the hole:

    Prick your finger, drop 3 drops of blood in steril container, then drop 3 drops of your PEE in with it.. mix it well then put the blood/urine combo in the cassette pregnancy test. (VERY ACCURATE)

    4) sane as above except you can mix few drops of water with blood OR you can try blood by itself only if its WATERY ENOUGH.

    After all this. Go to a clinic and get a blood drawn for pregnancy.. but if you really feel that you are abd the blood is neg, ask for a basic 5 minute TRANS-VAGINAL ULTRASOUND.

  4. Pinkie Bell
    Pinkie Bell says:

    My cycle became irregular i hada period. Every month. Or missed a whole month and bleed 65 days straight. I was on the depo prevera I took pregnancy tests got negative and positive last 3 where negative. I was 6 months pregnant when i tested positive at doctors office after blood work. I didnt look pregnant or feel pregnant. This was my 4th child. I thought i was cause i felt fluters but kept getting negative tests still had my period.

  5. Cianna Henderson
    Cianna Henderson says:

    So I’ve been feeling like I have throw up but it haven’t come up yet and every time I eat , the food gets me sick and it’s the food that makes me want to throw up. Than I’m always sleepy and always got an headache every day. Every time I see food or smell it, it always get me sick & I’m always craving for things I’m usually not craving for like banana and popsicle, so am I’m pregnant?

  6. Nayana Thara
    Nayana Thara says:

    I have 35 days menstrual cycle and having polycystic ovaries. I am 31 years old. Now I feel dizziness for few days, yesterday I consult a physician and took cbc test. Exerything is last period starts at August 22 now it's 23rd day. Am I pregnant? Is this a pregnancy symptom? Kindly reply

  7. Milina Bryan
    Milina Bryan says:

    I've been throwing up for the past month, gaining weight, severe swelling and my boobs are growing more. My urine tests have been negative but my body is telling me to take prenatal vitamins and I can no longer eat my favorite foods without vomiting. I just took out my IUD just in case . Can someone tell me am I pregnant?

  8. Zeyna Nd
    Zeyna Nd says:

    So you CAN't get pregnant if you breastfeed? I didn't know that. So what do you do if you wanna breastfeed for 1.5 years but you want ro get pregnant again after a year?


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