STOP Saying Vaping is Safe! | My Update On Vaping | Wednesday Checkup

I’ve already covered my thoughts on vaping in my responding to comments series last year but on account of the many becoming sick as a result of …

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  1. FaberOfWillAndMight
    FaberOfWillAndMight says:

    Nicotine product usage rates are going down despite all this outrage with teen vaping; stop blowing this out of proportion DR.Mike and others. Also, DR.Mike brain development occurs till age 25 so your point about adolescents' usage of tobacco products being harmful is diminished greatly, please cite your sources.
    Brain development
    Tobacco usage

  2. Bruno Damiati
    Bruno Damiati says:

    I can see your point,
    Yet… I'm a smoker for more than 10 years with 2 packs a day of red filter cigarretes.

    Tried everything before.
    And trying vaping now, I'm without smoking a cigarrete for 1 week the first time in 10 years.

    In my country using THC products is illegal. It's easy to get THC cigs but I never saw a THC e-juice (those are nearly impossible to find).

    And we still hadn't a single case of lung illness like those that are now appearing on US and Canada.

    I understant if you tell me that you don't want non-smokers to start vaping and fully agree with that.

    But it happens that this big alarmism and generalization almost convinced me to not try vaping and stick to cigarretes, which I think now could have been the wrong choice.

    Even with this video, it makes regrow in me some doubts if changing from smoking to vaping could actually be worse… and I honestly would like an oppinion for my case.

    If vaping may be worse than smoking 2 packs/day I honestly wanna know…

  3. Kurt Hectic
    Kurt Hectic says:

    governments have been getting rich for long enough through taxes on tobacco…. a cigarette cost 30 euro cent in my country of wich 23 cents is taxes…. governments need to step up and properly regulate the vaping industry as it is a much less harmful way to consume nicotine for those already addicted to nicotine… banning it will only cause people to smoke more tobacco… and knowing that Phillip Morris made 7 billion in 2019 i can only imagine how much certain corrupt mass murdering governments ( like mine ) make by taxing the hell out of tobacco… and giving there citizens lung cancer while they refuse to properly regulate the vaping industry…

    from the world health organization :

     " Tobacco kills more than 8 million people each year. More than 7 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 1.2 million are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. "

  4. Yoda Man
    Yoda Man says:

    "suspected to be caused by vaping" stop using blanket statements. vaping regular e-juice isnt the same as vaping illicit thc products illegally produced by drug dealers in states where marijuana isnt legal yet. thc pods are produced using vitamin e acetate, a fatty substance that sticks to the lungs causing those illnesses. regular legit produced e-juice only uses 3 to 4 ingredients all already found to be safe and used in many other products for decades. propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and the optional last ingredient nicotine. a long term UK study done by The Royal College of Physicians concluded that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. 

    when someone bothers to investigate deeper than just watching a must run segment on the news youll find those people that have been hospitalized were using illegal thc products in states where marijuana is still illegal and they lied to not get in trouble. not simply vaping.

  5. Joshua caleb Lee mattz
    Joshua caleb Lee mattz says:

    7 years strong on vaping no problem no side effects and my opinion it was the thc and vitamin (E) . But I don't use those products anyways and make sure the place I am buying my products from is made in USA and approved 100 legitimately also take note that I am not a doctor so I'm not saying that it is good or bad I'm just saying I have no side effects at all and many of people that I know do as well but I will tell you this in my opinion if you vape and use it the right way it is 95% better than smoking or chewing tobacco but like I said that's my opinion👍😤

  6. mutaz_ahmed Alnuaimee
    mutaz_ahmed Alnuaimee says:

    What i really dont like is that people with no clue about vaping are saying that its worse than smoking. But i really respect what you said because You were reasonable and didnt just say vaping is bad, You said we dont know yet and thats true. But if i would comment on this matter i would say that vaping could be bad for some people but i have been vaping for about a year and i Never had any problem with it what so ever and i can literally hold my breath for more than 4 minutes and i also play soccer every now and then.

  7. Marie Preston
    Marie Preston says:

    Illegal black market thc cartridges caused this and gas stations/ tabaco stores are selling juul to minors. None of these illnesses have been caused by reputable vape ejuice. Big tabaco and the states have been loosing alot of money to the vape industry and are trying to end them buy spreading misconceptions and half truths…..

  8. John Nastrom
    John Nastrom says:

    Why don't you spend a little less time at the gym and a little more time working on your critical reasoning skills? Also., doctors who look like gym rats are probably the last people I would want doing a critical medical procedure on me.

  9. Living Art
    Living Art says:

    Do you know how many chemicals are in a lit cigarette? As a dr I hope so. Now, do you know how many chemicals are in a non-combustible e-cigarette? I'll wait. Thats why we say they are "safer".

  10. william Johanns
    william Johanns says:

    Vaping proven by the best doctors and professors in the world saying it's at least 95%safer than smoking.
    On the cancer level 98/99%safer.
    Most people simply can't quit smoking.
    1300 people die from smoking every day in America.
    So promoot vaping.
    Kids vape for the nicotine hit/buzz.
    Ban Juul ban the high nicotine.
    Not the flavor that also adult need to get away from the deadly cigarettes.
    Here are real experts and the truth.

  11. JellyBabybeauty
    JellyBabybeauty says:

    Oh wow, this is such an Americanized way of thinking. Vaping is 96% safer than cigarettes. Vaping has gotten MILLIONS of people off cigarettes, and studies HAVE proved that it is the black market THC cartridges that have been causing these lung issues because vitamin E is NOT supposed to be vaped. The people saying they haven't been vaping THC have either been lying off their own back or have been paid to blame regular vaping, many of the people who were ill have come out and said this after the fact. There is a reason that it is only the Americans that are having issues and that is partially because of stupidity (don't vape black market anything) and partly because the country IS run by big tobacco and they want people to go back to smoking. In no circumstances should you ban vaping but allow cigarettes to be sold. This will either increase smoking or will cause MORE black market selling.
    In the UK, not only is vaping recommended by Doctors and other medical professionals, for quitting smoking but there are also now vape stores IN HOSPITALS.
    Yes, kids are getting addicted to vaping, however, kids used to be getting addicted to cigarettes. sometimes you need to accept the best of a bad situation.
    as a person who had been smoking for ten years and just could not quit the habit, it is the fancy flavours of vape that helped me make the transition. As someone who is also part of the Vape community, I can say that the majority of adults say the same.
    I'd also like to point out that 5 people have died from this lung-related illness whereas BILLIONS have died from smoking. Take Vaping away and you're signing death warrants.

  12. Brian Bommarito
    Brian Bommarito says:

    AND…here we go.
    "There are some cases not related to THC," — "Patients lie," (Gregory House)
    You saying vaping is dangerous, full stop, is a bit like saying drinking will cause you to go blind, full stop. Vaping is dangerous if you are buying black market juices and have no clue what is in them just like drinking the head of Moonshine will cause blindness. But the average drinker doesn't drink the head off of Moonshine nor does the average vaper vape black market e-juices. And, as for kids getting hold of vapes…well there are laws in place to prevent that so maybe blame the parents or those that bought them the vapes rather than the vape industry?
    I would strongly, very strongly, recommend you read the report from the Royal College of Physicians on vaping. You know, the RCP? The group that said cigarettes were deadly but were ignored for years? Yeah, that RCP.

  13. Eli Luttrell
    Eli Luttrell says:

    I like this video, contrary to most of these comments, he literally stated MOST cases seem to have this THC vape juice in common but not all and I think he accurately provided what information he had and what he believes should be the course of action with the information he has available. Love these videos Doc and hope nobody in this comment section gets you down. Being a doctor is a hell of a life and sometimes, wether it's people or patients, the recommendation doesn't want to be heard. Keep up the good work and keep us updated.

  14. Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez says:

    when you compare the 57 total deaths from "vaping" to the 480,000+ deaths A YEAR from "cigarettes" you realize vaping is actually doing more good than harm here. I think he failed to mention in his video how much "safer" of an option it is in comparison to cigarettes. doesn't mean its completely harmless but hell its a way better option in my opinion

  15. KairosXIII
    KairosXIII says:

    I do vape now since 2015,
    i don't have thoose side effects, rather i feel a whole lot better since i am away from cigarettes.
    But under no circumstances would i say its safe!
    I live in germany and we don't have thoose reports here..
    About Flavors , i like some fruity , some dessert and also some creamy flavors.
    Over time you get adjusted to certain flavourings and need to change them up. Its the same with smell, the princible is the same.

    Things i need to add here:
    I don't use high nicotin containing liquids
    I don't use Pods
    If i vape on high output i feel discomfort in my lungs, so i don't do it.

    Under consideration E-Liquids should be tested and regulated, so consumers are protected.
    But in the end everyone should consume any product with responsible care.
    And there is a lot of alcohol out there with caramel , vanilla and chocolate flavours, that does not mean they are ment for children.

  16. Wrecking Gorilla
    Wrecking Gorilla says:

    People just need to take responsibility for their actions. Most of these cases if not all the serious cases, are from thc/illegal products. Teens aren’t allowed to purchase them, anyway. The argument about teens getting them or flavors attracting teens, is ridiculous.

  17. Miguel gonzalez
    Miguel gonzalez says:

    I have been vaping since 2011, I am great… I’m 38 years old. I’m just saying maybe people need to truly investigate this with a clear head, meaning not in a competitive way. Not about outlawing or trying to get people back on cigarettes… and I VAPE!! I build my own RTA’s and for work I use RDA’s … I don’t own a vape shop, I’m not saying this for money, I work as a tower technician and am a dad … I’m just saying, use me as the pig !!! Why?? Because I’m not vaping for political reasons I just like the flavors !!!! You want to stop things?? Hundreds of thousands of people DIE from smoking cigarettes, but we don’t stop smoking cigarettes??? Lol

  18. Bia
    Bia says:

    I can tell you what the problem is, all those cases have one thing in common, all the products used, THC or e.liquid are from the black market, something cheaper and of course CONTAMINATED.
    Like In the make up industry, you have the original brand and the copy made in China or somewhere in a dump and then your kids get sick. Do you blame all the make up industry for this situation?
    And regarding the flavors, for God sake! Why everyone have a problem with the variety of flavors? Do you think that when you became an adult you just stop enjoying life and things that taste good? If parents are stupid and ignore their children that's their problem, not the adult's that vape something yummy.


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