Tapping for Acid Reflux with Julie Schiffman

http://www.mercola.com/ Julie Schiffman, EFT practitioner of Mercola.com, demonstrates some tapping techniques to help relieve acid reflux, also known as …

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  1. Bonnie Zieman
    Bonnie Zieman says:

    I've really benefitted from several of your videos. There seem to be more and more people who have thyroid tumors (many of which are NOT cancerous) and I was wondering if you would consider doing a tapping session for that.

  2. Nitisha Gupta
    Nitisha Gupta says:

    Woww, That was sooo AmMazing! i can't believe.. its was soo bad, but once i did tapping with u.. i felt sooo much better, i was unable to lie down straight and sleep, but now, after i have done the tapping, i m lying down straight on my bed, and no acid reflux! Wow! it feels like magic.. I am stunned how much power does out bodies hold..
    I loved tapping with you..
    Plz make a seperate page for yourself naa.. Or make a playlist of your efts.. Its hard to find your videos, and u hv such awesome content!!
    Thank you for this amazing stuff!!

  3. Pam Malik
    Pam Malik says:

    Hello Julie, I agree with you 110% all has to do with emotions, what all you create in your world is through your emotional setup.A lot of folks do not realize that. I always believed in Tapping..

  4. Jody Hakala
    Jody Hakala says:

    I know mine what heritage, yet I know it was because my cat was going to die and the two visits of unexpected costs. Also a bunch of things at once, more drinking in the past month. And processed foods. I will prevail.

  5. Rick Bauer
    Rick Bauer says:

    I've only had this for a month — after a car accident. I have never had acid reflux in my life. Most what I experience is belching and spasm in the chest. I really don't get heartburn.

  6. vacomments
    vacomments says:

    The power of women. True power.
    If you are a heterosexual man or a non-heterosexual woman, the 1st and best medication that you can and should have is a woman that you love, and one who loves you at the same time. You can eliminate different types of the symptoms and causes (and possibly prevent future ones) through her healing power.

  7. HeyitsPiper
    HeyitsPiper says:

    Wow, I'm not sure what happened……Soon as I started tapping my wrist I shed tears. Wasn't expecting that at all. I try not to be a crybaby at all but I need to know it's ok to release those tears!
    I've been dealing with bad GERD for so long plus other issues. Thank you 🙂

  8. D
    D says:

    Using Digestive Enzymes w/ Beet derived HCL to digest undigested food, which frequently is the cause for GERD helps immensely! Most of us over 40 do not have ENOUGH STOMACH ACID!

  9. Stella Ilyayev
    Stella Ilyayev says:

    I had really bad heartburn 2 years ago and what helped me with heartburn was getting rid of wheat and sugar, getting my root canal out, and adding sea salt to my meals. My heartburn got is much better. 


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