Tapping to Calm Oneself Before Sleep

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/05/21/key-strategies-optimizing-sleep.aspx?x_cid=youtube EFT Practitioner Julie Schiffman demonstrates …

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  1. Ida Lomprey
    Ida Lomprey says:

    Hi Julie. This pretty much new for me. It is interesting. I tend to wake up middle of the night even after taking medicine (I really don't like). My thoughts won't stop and goes on and on…I don't know how to control them. What should do when this happens? I have insonia problem and I hot flesh that wakes me up suddenly. I really wanto to work on this problem, but naturally. I am not a calm person too. Do you have feedback on this? which words should I use when wake up in the middle of the night? and having to teach net day? I appreciate your feedback. I will use what I just sew in the video. Thank you. Ida

  2. Mary Shimek
    Mary Shimek says:

    I got into tapping some years back. I used to see a tapping practitioner who worked with me through some issues. Your vidios are so helpful. I always seem to find one that helps just what's bothering me. Just wanted to say thanks Julie your vidios have helped me so much. Keep them coming.


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