The Empires of Gates- Interview with Vandana Shiva, Ph.D.,

In this interview, Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., discusses the importance and benefits of regenerative agriculture and a future Regeneration International project that …

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  1. BendOfMind
    BendOfMind says:

    27:00 Vandana Shiva Talks about GeoEngeneering. She talks as if these operations are not already going on. To Know what I'm Talking about, Watch the documentary "The Dimming" by Dane Wigington here on youtube. Unfortunately that is the most pressing matter right know that escapes even Vandana. Share this documentary please!! help people wake up!!

  2. Ji Shim Hyang
    Ji Shim Hyang says:

    On another note … I think it’s beyond money for Gates. I think he gets off inflicting pain & suffering on others, on the planet and our precious resources. He reminds me of a serial killer, how he gets off on inflicting pain on others with hardly ever any remorse. It’s a thrill for him because he’s rich & powerful and will never be held accountable for his crimes against the earth and humanity. He’s deranged.

  3. Ji Shim Hyang
    Ji Shim Hyang says:

    Thank You Dr Mercola and Dr Vandana Shiva for being so courageous and raising awareness. I guess this mafia reaches further than imagined. Every time I get on a plane I’m asked if I’m carrying plants or seeds upon returning to the US.

  4. D B
    D B says:

    BG motivation is power at the god level . Imortality . He is striving towards the largest failure repeated by satan . It will lead him to thee bottomless pit of emptiness.

  5. Notorious 42067
    Notorious 42067 says:

    There's one thing I have to say, and that's nanotechnology is seriously fucking scary stuff. 1×10^-9 of a meter. The cordeseps (Fungi mushroom spore) lands on an ants body and takes over the ants brain, controlling it and then using it as a fruiting body. The fungi spore is nanometres in size… The Phizer vaccine and others mRNA vaccines uses nanotechnology to deliver the virus RNA to your body in order for "vaccination" to take place.

    The word conspiracy theory, is a conspiracy theory itself.


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