The Harsh Reality Of Being 800 Pounds | Doctor Reacts

Today I took a look at the story of Casey from TLC’s “Family By The Ton”, a show dedicated to following the journey of a real family’s weight loss. Honestly, I’m …

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  1. Casey King FBTT
    Casey King FBTT says:

    So far it's pretty spot on, I appreciate the honesty and professionalism. To hear someone speak from a medical standpoint it's easier to take in criticisms and I really appreciate him explaining everything out to help others understand the mindset and how things are. It wasn't a fun life, I was miserable, the whole jounrey has been insane and crazy to apart of. I appreciate Dr. Mike for putting this out there, shouting my channel out in the bio, talking on how I'm doing now and everything. This was a really great watch, thanks everyone for the love and support and thanks again Dr. Mike

  2. Demon_Fox_11
    Demon_Fox_11 says:

    My dad has been working out to hard an pulled a heart muscle a while ago and fractured his ankle when he fell off the treadmill I’ve been trying to get him to stop but he doesn’t ever stop

  3. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    It's been said before, but 80% of fat loss is diet, the other 20% is exercise. There are online trainers and nutritionists that will help you if you don't want in-person coaching.

  4. Steviegi
    Steviegi says:

    I´d just like to know how it can get that far. At some point you should notice that you´re getting fatter . I often get hate when I write this , but I really want to understand it, because I just don´t get it. Till I was 20 yo I always got told that it´s easy for me to be thin, and I can eat what I want. At 20 I startet weight training and realised that in fact it was really not a lot that I ate all these years. I noticed I get fatter after I started eating more. Quess what… I stopped eating that much. So I really don´t understand these people.


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