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  1. MrSuperBaleze
    MrSuperBaleze says:

    I am in my 40`s and just started with adult acne. It didn’t get any better. I have never got acne in my life!! After applying this acne guide “Kαtοnοz tdα” (Google it) for 2 weeks, I see visible effects. It has been 2 months now and I have my self-confidence again. .

  2. shreeya regmi
    shreeya regmi says:

    I am getting lots of acne from summer and it leaves the scar later. I went to dermatology to but the medication only help me to stop the acne. I still have acne scar on my face n back. Does apple cider venegar help to treat acne pigmentation if we have combination skin?

  3. ellen lankford
    ellen lankford says:

    I have a Seborrheic Keratosis blemish on my face that was getting quite large. I have been putting ACV on it and it’s fading. I dab it on with a cotton ball, and on the occasional acne blemish.

  4. C
    C says:

    Jocelyn Wildenstein comes to mind when you see what the dermatologist has done to her eyes and mouth. Why do people go so far to not look their true age. Very sad.

  5. MrSuperBaleze
    MrSuperBaleze says:

    For those who are finding for the ideal acne remedies, this acne guide “Kαtοnοz tdα”, that you can research in Google, is incredibly advised. Acne has run in my family and I went through testing some remedy for acne. Thankfully, by using this awesome guide, acne was treated and development was halted. .

  6. Joshua Morris
    Joshua Morris says:

    This acne guide “Kαtοnοz tdα” (Google it) is really beneficial and helpful. I usually experience moderate adult acne and this book covers all of the potential remedies for moderate to serious acne whether natural techniques or otherwise. I favor the natural method of dealing with them and I found out on this guide the remedies that work effectively. .


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