The Mediterranean Diet Plan, Explained by Rachael Ray

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  2. Danny Tabooli
    Danny Tabooli says:

    Bruh moment. I’m from the Mediterranean, not the Europe part, levant. Now our diet is tabooli, tawook, humus, etc, etc. mixed in with some jalab. Bruh you are set. Aight now you know what to eat. Just never cook it if you aren’t Lebanese.

  3. Beach Girlie
    Beach Girlie says:

    There was barely any mention of fruit here, lots of water, the fact their bread is not processed like in the US. Plus, the French for example shop at local markets and buy fresh good quality produce.

    This lady looks like she follows a typical American diet now and just has a few Mediterranean dishes now and then.

  4. Walt Leeson
    Walt Leeson says:

    Salmon is usually farmed and full of toxins. Yuk! Pasta is processed carbs. The best olive oil comes from Spain cold pressed direct from the pueblos not the mass produced stuff. The Mediterranean diet is great in Mediterranean countries, but in the States, the food is mostly tampered with either by Big Food or Big Pharma (ie GMOs, pesticides/herbicides etc) so hard to find truly fresh, natural food anymore.

  5. Slimey Slime
    Slimey Slime says:

    Olive oil was not healthy at all it was the plant base that makes these foods fight cancer it was not the olive oil. If this is the case i will drink one botlle of olive oil every day without the plant bas foods.

  6. Happy Days
    Happy Days says:

    White shell farm factory eggs?
    Please, somebody, explain to this woman that the colour of the shell is because of the type/race of chicken and not as a result of the factory! Which then makes you question what else she is saying.

  7. The Vegeitalian Kitchen
    The Vegeitalian Kitchen says:

    I'm italian and I never saw the evo oil of Rachel Ray or her balsamic Vinegar in Italy. The only balsamic vinegar comes from Modena and it should be pretty expensive if it's the athentic one. The best estra virgin olive oil is made with italian olives and with cold ectraction. The generic european oils are not the same quality , so be careful, check always the labels


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