The New Aging Secrets Dr. Sanjay Gupta Uncovered

CNN chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, traveled the globe to uncover the secrets of people with the least pain, healthiest hearts, and sharpest …

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  1. alex silver
    alex silver says:

    What these misinformation assholes dont tell us is alchohol is ten times more deadly than any illegal drug or pharmaceutical drugs last year 300.000 American died of pharmaceutical drugs and almost the same of alcohol poisoning only 30.000 died of other drugs

  2. William Gabbert
    William Gabbert says:

    The Theory that exposure to pathogens in Bolivians is responsible for their good cardiovascular health … is a Theory. The latest science suggest that a diet absent of refined sugar may be the most important factor.

  3. alicia ali
    alicia ali says:

    They don’t have to buy big house, nice car, going to good college, 40 hrs/ week with stress to pay bill, we go to gym to killing are joint.
    ( head free of stree and content life is mantra to good heart)
    We want abundance , we have to prove our worth thru material possession .
    Boiled plantain or yuca vs crispy , spicy bucket of chicken, bowl of amaranth vs cheesy hot crisped pizza.
    Plain water vs M shakes.
    10 hr of work every day on desk or any job with kids .
    Nobody wants to cook. Open freezer get something in oven
    Or Oder pizza.
    ……….. it’s all about stress, lifestyle ……….

  4. Zeenat Durrani
    Zeenat Durrani says:

    Regions of the Planet where people tend to live longer has one common factor :"THEY DO NOT HAVE MCDONALDS OR KFC OR SUBWAY OR BURGER KING:….so tell me is my observation correct or incorrect…..Prove me wrong it is not what they eat but …"what they DO NOT EAT' that matters…

  5. Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton says:

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta appeared on the CNN program, “Chasing Life
    with Dr. Sanjay Gupta”, his findings must have really paid off, Wikipedia’s
    brief bio describes him as neurosurgeon and medical reporter, one look at his
    public image confirms him to be more journalist and reporter then anything else,
    as with most journalists and reporters regularly appearing on televison, it’s
    all about the hair, that is the lack of any above scalp visual gray hair no
    matter their age…his marketing managers and handlers are to be complimented on their
    task having been well performed…how old did Wikipedia claim his age to be? no
    matter, check back in a few years from now, his public appearance will not have
    changed…one iota…

  6. Kayla Chandler
    Kayla Chandler says:

    Wholesome, unrefined, non-GMO food is definitely a key aspect to anti-aging and health, but with so much focus on healthy eating nowadays, we tend to forget that the heart is a muscle and the best way to work that muscle is via movement. Moving your body has so many benefits… boosts serotonin (happy hormone), gets blood pumping (more nutrition to cells), drains lymphatic system (detox), allows our skin to detox via sweat, and of course works your muscles (including the heart)… Even just walking can have tremendous benefits to your overall health!


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