The Paleo Diet Explained

Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, cofounders of Whole30, and Dr. Oz discuss common misconceptions about the Paleo diet. Subscribe to Dr. Oz’s official YouTube …

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  1. Danielle Daly
    Danielle Daly says:

    Paleo helped me changed my fertility! After eating clean with no inflammatory foods I “became regular” after 3 or 4 months and had no issues conceiving! Now I’m pregnant with #3. Of course now I have cravings but will start again once baby is born!

  2. Isabella N.
    Isabella N. says:

    i can’t wait to start my pales journey this monday! i recently discovered that i’m sensitive to gluten and many of the unnecessary additives and preservatives in box and processed foods so switching to paleo just made the most sense. i’m doing lots of grocery shopping and meal planning this weekend and i cannot wait! wish me luck!

  3. No freedom censored
    No freedom censored says:

    I went from 164 lbs to 117 lbs
    On paleo life style change.
    No such thing as a good "diet".
    Thats a a limited concept'— returning back to the old ways is inherent in its concept.
    I lost to much– so added back a few high calorie foods.

  4. TheTripstraps
    TheTripstraps says:

    i think people should go to paleo diet also with their other consumption. like buying things. meaning no need to buy many clothes and other stuff. go more paleo generally, folks:). and respect nature and other creatures around you. not only how you eat is important. its important to consume less in general. i mean people have gone so far from common sense in general. i mean, no disrespect, even looking at the crowd there. fake boobs, bottox lips, whitened teeth. people have lost common sense. not only food intake needs to be adjusted….

  5. jtg3765
    jtg3765 says:

    Potato spikes my insulin, which stops weight loss. The other veggies look fine, which is the same as keto, pretty much. Cheese is permitted on keto – ha!

  6. Health body
    Health body says:

    Foods to Avoid During the Paleo Diet
    The list of foods prohibited in the Paleolithic diet is rather consistent. Avoid sweet products, dairy products, cereals and their derivatives such as flour, cakes and bread… Avoid, also, industrial products like soda, pre-prepared meals, and crisps and other appetizer biscuits. You will also have to eliminate from your diet all cooked or extracted oils, legumes such as beans, soybeans or chickpeas…

  7. Karlis Perkons
    Karlis Perkons says:

    Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle is above all of these different types of diet.The China Study.
    Diet is not long term sustainable, Paleo might work for couple months, but in long term nothing good will come out of it.

  8. oksills
    oksills says:

    Paleo Shmaleo. It gimmick gimmick gimmick ! Everything has to have a name and a gimmick to be able to sell
    “stuff” connected to it. Just eat what people are supposed to have always eaten—- meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds with some grains. Make it organic, miniumly processed, with no preservatives, colors, flavors, enhancers, or anything artificial—and exercise! Our family of 2 parents and 8 children have happily and healthfully eaten this way for 41 years. No flues, colds, ear infections, asthma, and zero cavities essentially ever. Maybe 8-10 total small events altogether cough or runny nose type for the 10 of us for as long as all the kids were at home.

  9. Greg 7797
    Greg 7797 says:

    Lectins can be almost entirely eliminated through normal cooking. We don't eat raw beans or raw oatmeal; they are soaked and then cooked. Soaking almost entirely eliminates phytic acid. So why must we eliminate beans and grains?

  10. Marianne Kunitz
    Marianne Kunitz says:

    Ive lost some weight on paleo. Im losing more inches in the waist faster than what Im seeing as weight loss on the scale. Big salads with a little cheese in it or chicken. Avacado is great in salads! I guess Ill have to give up cheese on paleo. Ill use the avacado instead.

  11. Juli-Hannah
    Juli-Hannah says:

    Here come all the lazy fat slobs who complain they can’t do paleo because of “oh no mah carbs and Mac n cheese” I despise folks like the last one they reviewed a tweet on. Blatantly ignorant all because they wanna eat fries and fattening junk.

  12. CheshireCat
    CheshireCat says:

    When people in the developed world get very wealthy instead of giving money they don't need to help starving children in Africa they go on fad diets like veganism and paleo in a vain attempt to extend their lives.

  13. Allie Hensel
    Allie Hensel says:

    thank you for spreading truth about the Paleo diet! My whole family has been on the Paleo diet for over 4 years and it is amazing for my health. I have lost so much weight and it has cured all of my health issues. I've raised my children up since they were babies the paleo way and they have no allergies in our extremely healthy.

  14. Ann Campbell
    Ann Campbell says:

    The highly respected anthropologist Nathaniel Dominy, Ph.D., from Dartmouth College, when asked about the commonly taught idea that ancient people were primarily meat eaters, he answered, “That’s a myth. Hunter-gatherers, the majority of their calories came from plant foods… Meat is just too unpredictable.” After studying the bones, teeth, and genetics of primates for his entire career as a biological anthropologist, Dr. Dominy states, “Humans might be more appropriately described as starchivores.”
    Those who support your view, such as the paleo diet proponents spare no effort to ignore and distort science. Let me quote from the Quarterly Review of Biology, “The Importance of Dietary Carbohydrate in Human Evolution”,”We propose that plant foods containing high quantities of starch were essential for the evolution of the human phenotype during the Pleistocene. Although previous studies have highlighted a stone tool mediated shift from primarily plant-based to primarily meat based diets as critical for the development of the brain and other human traits, we are that digestible carbohydrates were also necessary to accommodate the increased metabolic demands of a growing brain..”
    The only mammals that have an appendix, are those who are herbivores, whose physiology are designed to thrive on a plant based diet. Gorillas for example, eat only a plant based diet. The human saliva is that which is designed to break down starches. Mammals that their physiology thrives best on a meat based diet do not get arterial plaque, arterioslcerosis nor heart disease from their diet, only mammals whose physiology is designed to eat plants will get arterial plaque and heart disease from eating meat. The fact that humans get arterial plaque on a meat based diet absolutely proves that their bodies are that of a starch and plant based diet.
    The very fact that the only blue zone in the entire United States is one of an area composed of vegetarians completely over throws the arguments that meat is beneficial to be eaten on a daily basis.


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