The Reason You Should Not Hold Your Pee

Dr. Oz and Dr. Shepard demonstrate what happens when you hold your pee for too long. Subscribe to Dr. Oz’s official YouTube channel:

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  1. Ashley Jackson
    Ashley Jackson says:

    I have been experienced with hold urine for 13 hours since I was a little girl. I have been experienced go urinate for twice a day such as when I wake up from my good night rest and then go urinate when I go bed to get good night rest at 11:00pm. Do you know what kind of exercise to help me to strengthen my bladder even more?

  2. Mike Cheng
    Mike Cheng says:

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  3. Daniel T
    Daniel T says:

    she said you can hold roughly 2 cups of pee, i died laughing. shes never seen me pee. i can easily fill up a 32oz gatorade bottle and still have a little left over, all without "holding it". hell if my bladder held 2 cups, I'd be going every hour and thinking i needed a trip to the ER LOL

  4. Itz An Opinion
    Itz An Opinion says:

    Going to have to do this to get past a drug test..but I suffer from Paruresis…so I figure if I hold my urine for longer than normal, when I do go in, the fact that I'll have someone right outside the stall won't be that big of a deal because my body will HAVE to relieve itself! I'm crossing my fingers it works!

  5. Noch Pro
    Noch Pro says:

    When I’m on the road, the same bottles I’ve been drinking from can always end up the same bottles I fill up and put into a bag to dispose later. Done it plenty of times and never even left the car.

  6. Starr Rivers
    Starr Rivers says:

    School teacher friend got bladder cancer. He would hold his pee for hours as he wasn’t allowed to leave his students. Docs told him his cancer was due to holding pee that had bacteria and nicotine in it. He died from that cancer.

  7. Josh Osborne
    Josh Osborne says:

    Holding your pee is so uncomfortable our lifestyles make us hold our pee the long journeys and travelling our lifestyles sometimes is why we get sick don’t hold your pee guys unless you have to


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