The Truth About The Coronavirus

There is a lot of misinformation spreading with this novel coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China in the last few weeks and I decided to set the record straight.

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  1. Tom Setberg
    Tom Setberg says:

    Just have Glade make a bunch of essential oils plug-ins and have people roll through a room of those on beds of acupuncture needles while listening to Toto's Africa. Problem solved.

  2. Monica Ailyn
    Monica Ailyn says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I was in class the other day and when I got out there was a person reading some post about the corona virus in the elevator and people where freaking out.

  3. Pot and Politics With Mr. Brophy
    Pot and Politics With Mr. Brophy says:

    Working class people don't have the luxury of staying home when we are sick.
    More than half of the country could not afford a $500 emergency of any type without borrowing money. We have to work to earn our sick time, from our part time jobs because the economy has been killed to line the pockets of the Oligarchs.
    If we do use our sick time we get punished for it. Our hours get cut for "more reliable " people.
    We are harrassed and guilt tripped by our bosses when we even try to call out sick. If we get sick at work we are told to work through it. "Threw up in the trash? Can't you finish your shift? You're really gonna screw us like this?"
    I love you brother, but you don't have a grasp of what life is like for the working class.
    I wish we could stay home when we were sick, it is healthier. But no job or not enough hours, no food

  4. S O
    S O says:

    So if its a novel virus, would its incubation period be related to the subspecies Rhinovirus and Influenza virus if they share similar physio and genetic traits?

  5. Krazy Kanuk
    Krazy Kanuk says:

    This is sooooo dumb…He talks to us like we 2 yo! I'm a Canadian, this guy is a bsing disinfo agent! 2 days old as i watch it and already its all a lie! As of this morning, 10,000 infected! You cannot tell if its a cold or something more deadly. The kill rate is 15%. The virus was stolen by Chinese from a lab in Winnipeg, Canada. It is manmade and targets certain people for death! It is highly contagious bc the incubation is 14 days with few symptoms and many vectors! Its a 2 day test so you basically cannot be sure that YOU are not walking around with it even with no fever!. You need to lockdown the world for a few weeks to get rid of it. DO NOT TAKE A VACCINE PEOPLE…ITS A LIE!

  6. sale con
    sale con says:

    i had the flu, got well scared, im better now xD plus my wisdom teeth had an infection which didn't make me feel well either, but yea not good time to get ill atm. I am living in Switzerland and its been confirmed that France and Germany had cases of the Coronavirus, and we are sandwich in between them…kinda scary

  7. atmshah
    atmshah says:

    I have a question. My family and I have travelled to Asia to visit family and are staying in Hong Kong for 2 days before returning home (we made this decision before the virus came out). We would cancel this but as of now we do not have enough financial support for that. What should we do?

  8. 50 Shades Of Hand Grenades
    50 Shades Of Hand Grenades says:

    Wow, things have changed since this vid was made. W.H.O. has deemed this a world wide emergency as of this morning. The pilots union currently has an open case against american airlines for refusing to limit flights in and out of china.


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