Tony Robbins on Achieving the Life You Want

Author Tony Robbins explains his definition of “real wealth” and reveals the three steps to achieving your dreams and creating the life you want to live.

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  1. will chacon
    will chacon says:

    2 masterys you most learn..
    Talk fast…about alot of nothing..
    Be fullfill or should i say full…of…words..
    Also say a lot of stories..and talk about other people that do things you well never do..say "I"…
    Massive actions…give me your money…every one wins with get fast stories….he gets fast money…

  2. Lori Love
    Lori Love says:

    When that fear or thought flashes by my brain I like to look at it from afar saying to myself, "that's an interesting point of view that I had that point of view", and for me it just flies on by, I don't give it energy or weight like I used to, it now becomes smaller each time I do that.


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