Tony Robbins on the One Thing Holding You Back From Success

Inspirational speaker and author Tony Robbins shares his “success cycle” and explains how it can help you reach your goals. Plus, he explains how uncertainty …

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  1. Lekestue
    Lekestue says:

    turn as far as you naturely can
    and then feel that you turn double that
    the people could have turned double without feeling it
    but great demonstration

  2. shakeNjoy - dein Cocktailkanal
    shakeNjoy - dein Cocktailkanal says:

    Thanks for this video. Tony Robbins is a great person!
    I bought his book, Awaken the Giant Within.
    In this book he showed me how to believe in oneself, how to release inner blockades, how to set goals and how to put them into practice. This book is a gift of fate.
    Those who don't have it should definitely get it. This book is worth every cent!

  3. Matthew E Davison
    Matthew E Davison says:

    Please forgive me for the slightly negative comment I'm about to make toward this extraordinary human being. I have followed Tony Robbins for some time now, seeking answers for a new direction in my own life. I have also read most his amazing books too! Now is it just me or does he seem to be saying the same things, almost word for word? Is it time to re invent things a little Mr. Robbins?

  4. Scott
    Scott says:

    I sincerely believe that people can change many circumstances in there life. Losing weight,quitting smoking,getting in incredible shape etc. But at the end of the day a person has to have the desire to take action. Also if these success gurus are so good why are there more people struggling financially? When it comes to money i think that's much harder to control. The cost of living is thru the roof. I think these guys have some good advice but only up to a point.

  5. Dominic Matich
    Dominic Matich says:

    Look at these people in the crowd — EVIDENCE OF WHAT OUR CULTURE HAS DONE TO THEM — Beat them down to a pulp and some of the comments below. These are the same people who think it's "not right" that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Very sad — Take a clip from 20 years ago, the audiecne on Oprah or any other show he was on and the people were exictied BECAUSE THEY COULD IMPROVE — But now they think… "Why improve when I have everything I'll ever need in technology… … I love technology so much… I hate everything….etc."

  6. Van Tart
    Van Tart says:

    I love Tony! The man has been super successful helping people become better in many ways. I sometimes wonder for a brief second what the critics with all of their negative comments have done with their lives…..other than being negative ass’s spreading the madness that lives inside their heads. Do us all a favor…..keep it to yourself!!!


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