Toxicology Expert Dr. Jack Thrasher on Mold Exposure (Part 1 of 6) – Internationally renowned natural health physician …

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  1. Kris& FaydeTV
    Kris& FaydeTV says:

    I was about getting crazy with regards to health issues but when I seriously research deeper what causes me and my son getting weaker and unhealthier each day, this is what I get. Mold infestation. As I go over read comments to several YouTube videos to several doctors, I learned that there are so many people getting sick due to mold. What gives e the creeps is that I have this perforated eardrum, it has a free penetration when this mold can defeat our body. I live in the Philippines, it is a tropical country so it would be a welcoming surface to any kinds of mold. There are no professional people who know how to clean it so it makes me feel bad and worried as of these moments. We have pest control but for mold, there is no one I know who can address it professionally. I am cleaning the mold by myself and I feel sick right now honestly. My question would be, how can I possibly treat this if some of the places I know might have mold infestation as well due to the reason that "mold" is not a big concern in our country because not everyone knows how fatal it can become a person who is exposed to it.

  2. Steven Iovinelli
    Steven Iovinelli says:

    THIS IS BULLSHIT HOW IGNORANT THE CDC EPA HUMAN RIGHTS SHOULD GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES ANDE SEE THIS SHIT!@!@ these mycotoxins are weaponizable and used as neurotoxins… and they are spreading and colonizing in every town and city… any home that has had a roof leak is susceptible… I am an ex roofer and have been exposed myself please people help me we are all in dager….!@!@!@ please post this everywhere!@!@

  3. cougardout
    cougardout says:

    personally I think molds play a huge role in people with Morgellons disease,(which btw CDC seem to be covering up as well labeling people delusional. I have a video of what looks to be a fruiting body of Dictyostelium Discoideum that came from my sinuses. btw I have "morgellons", it is real, and im guessing directly caused my mold/toxin exposure. I am wondering if Dr. Thrasher has ever looked at morgellons and if he believes it is tied to mold?

  4. jerseygrl5
    jerseygrl5 says:

    Dr. Thrasher states that it looks like the CDC, EPA and the Federal Government are covering up the extent of the damage being done by microbial growth. Not surprisingly in the LEAST!

  5. Dana R. Toliver
    Dana R. Toliver says:

    they wouldn't let me post my first comment…. but basically it's not as uncommon to have people as sick as the family Dr. Thrasher describes… My daughter & I are equally as sick with all the same symptoms plus more, yet I am still denied my disability!!!

  6. Dana R. Toliver
    Dana R. Toliver says:

    Dr. Thrasher is absolutely right! Mycotoxins / Molds are more dangerous than heavy metals but they are all dangerous to human health… Stachy which was found in the air samples in both my daughter and I's bedrooms has made us deathly ill, yet, the courts / disability / the healthcare system, etc. don't believe mold can make you sick! Not to mention the ACOEM & the US Chamber's position paper on Mold; plus the corruption in the courts doesn't help people who have been exposed to toxic mold!!

  7. Lindsey
    Lindsey says:

    Wow this is so relevant right now for me.. my boyfriend and I live in a basement and there is mold growing in places. We are making the landlord get a professional mold inspector and get it cleaned up or else we will certainly move out.. mold is no joke!


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