Unmasking the biggest medical myths you fall for – The Dr. Oz Show Season 11

Unmasking the biggest medical myths you fall for – The Dr. Oz Show Season 11 Some medical advice gets passed down from generation to generation with …

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  1. Cam Blood
    Cam Blood says:

    I talked to a doctor once about these shows, and she said it’s just paranoia and product pushing. She said that their are psychological benefits that contribute to well being by praying but you know. What do you expect from a toxic culture?

  2. Lazy Clay
    Lazy Clay says:

    My throat has been hurting for a month. I went to the doctor and they couldn't tell me what is wrong. Just threw some antibiotics at me and said see if that fixes it. It just dont seem right.

  3. Lee Lady
    Lee Lady says:

    Why is it only announced today on regular news station . Only after months on end in people have already been experiencing this. is government covering up everything is beyond words and I'm so ashamed as being an American citizen pay my taxes for over 45 years but now we need only to see the truth.
    why it is it just notified on the news today the people are having massive repercussions from this so-called Coronavirus. People having massive psychosis episodes. I have a question people? when did you ever see no children or people act like this on the streets? No never and they just want to blame it on the coronavirus BC people were confined locked up in the house.
    No not a 100 percent increase in violence. no not when you see children breaking windows on ambulances while they're driving to Save a Life and 15 year old children with so much violence in them when they're targeting and they're not looking to just abuse or just act stupid They are literally trying to physically harm people cops getting shot people walking on the street with machetes. Come on! don't try to say the people to try to keep it calm so they don't cause the Panic .no it's the opposite they don't want the truth to come out and on top of all this.
    We have our own government robbing us taking our jobs away on top of poisoning us. I said in the beginning and I'll say it again and I will keep my word in the truth. This was done intentional premeditated attack on the people and it's our own enemies under our own roof that did this.
    Let me tell you something there is no respiratory infection or virus that create will cause any kind of( psychosis) they making people lose touch with reality this was created intentionally with the purpose. You know there was rumors about this stuff from the beginning said it was going to affect your brain and make you less religious, change your DNA guess what people I guess they were right. This is an absolute disgrace and this is why all of this is happening and I have faith in Jesus Christ above that I know all the truth will come out and the truth will prevail. People don't deserve this and the cover-ups seriously need to stop.

  4. Glenda Parks
    Glenda Parks says:

    Dr. Oz I use to love watching you I forgot you are connected to Oprah. I have no respect for your friend and her lover Gayle, and some of their other friends like Harvey Weinstein Jeffrey Epstein and Oprah spiritual leader Joao. I have found another Dr. I can get my information from that I use too get from you.

  5. Elena Agostini
    Elena Agostini says:

    Grande Dott.Oz sarà il suo suo viso,l'espressione rassicurante che il suo sapere,il suo altruismo li dona ad aver catturato tanto la mia attenzione.Grazie.Saranno i suoi esempi e i passaggi che in noi avvengono in ciò che non si può vedere ne toccare con mano che mi pare di conoscermi tanto.Con lei ho capito che la pressione da tanti sconsiderata a curarla in tempo è il principio di tanti malesseri legati alle cellule ai neuroni e così a gli organi vitali.Capirsi è curarsi convinti che alcune medicine aiutano.È salvarsi è come dice lei che salva vite,grazie lei è beautiful, le cure cominciano a casa si anche nella nostra ricerca di noi e continua fuori a cercare la vita che gira fra le cose specie in natura.Grazie.Siamo natura e da essa si deve prendere cose varie.Il nostro arcobaleno dentro.Ci vorrebbe un dott.Oz anche in Italia,forse c'è, se c'è deve farsi vedere da tutti.Byby con un sorriso di grande stima.Grazie e grazie al progresso quando aiuta la vita.

  6. Mike Cheng
    Mike Cheng says:

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  7. Beckham Henderson
    Beckham Henderson says:

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