Vegan Doctor ATTACKED By Vegans | Realistic Dietary Advice

Dr. Danielle Belardo is the Director of Cardiology, and Co-Director of Research and Education, at IOPBM in Newport Beach California. She is also a proud …

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  1. Emily Cornwall
    Emily Cornwall says:

    Anti vaccine people thrive on fear. I think some vegans do too. People get so black and white and are so fearful of death, and they get dogmatic.

    This is coming from someone who eats plant based, but dislikes the almost religious obsessiveness that some vegans have. I find that less helpful. No one wants to be forced into anything.

  2. Belinda a
    Belinda a says:

    I worry that some people will watch this then feed infants on a plant based diet without the proper research and end up with dead babies. This has happened in the past, even recently. Anyone discussing plant based diets really should place emphasis that it's very easy to get this wrong when it comes to babies.

  3. Liz
    Liz says:

    I’d be interested to see a discussion that also included metabolic issues – eating a plant-based diet while being diabetic seems… not great.

  4. Chris Jacke
    Chris Jacke says:

    I have actually just asked about this exact topic on a Responding to your comments video and these are exactly the answers I was looking for, but not what I was hoping for, having had red meat be a big part of my usual diet. I'm glad to have learned this though, as I have been seeking to improve my overall health, especially with having a weakened heart from an Atrial Septal Defect (A hole in my heart). Though I'm not sure I could ever completely give up on meats, I will try to lean more towards poultry and maybe some fish, and reduce my intake of red meats. Thank you so much for making it clear and so easy to understand.

  5. Johnathan Rhoades
    Johnathan Rhoades says:

    So….why do we see an uptick in cardiovascular disease over the last number of years whereas people have eaten red meat and eggs and other "bad foods" for centuries without that uptick? I just think there are some missing details with the current analysis. What is in fact causal? I…dunno. The attack on red meat feels weird… Unless you already have heart issues, I guess.

  6. Dena Kay
    Dena Kay says:

    Hey uh…am I the only one who is getting a little weirded out by her eyes? Like she seems like a great doctor and I like her message but something about how this was filmed makes her eyes look like an animal girls.

  7. John nixter Perez
    John nixter Perez says:

    She actually changed my views on vegans. What she said is true. You done cherry pick data that only works or goes your way. Data is data. It is done through robust studies for years. Not a post you see on Facebook or posts you see online. It is our duty to research what we believe in and be open for opinions of another person. You don't force your ways you educate but not force-feed which causes contradictory opinions. Its much more healthy if we be open and respect other's choices as long as it is not harming us in anyway. Kudos to both doctors. Professionalism at it's finest.

  8. Wendy-Lou Morency
    Wendy-Lou Morency says:

    Thank you for explaining cholesterol. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I tried to follow the AIP Paleo diet as well to try and lessen my Sarcoidosis and arthritis symptoms. I notice a huge difference in my symptoms when I cut out refine sugars and grains.

  9. Jacquelyn Hammerton
    Jacquelyn Hammerton says:

    In my opinion, she leaves a bad taste in the vegan community because vegans make their dietary choice based on their ethical values. The vegan diet is a result of caring about all animals and the earth. It’s also why vegans are so pushy to get others on board, because we need large populations to leave animals alone and restore ecosystems in order to make a difference. So, I see her as misaligning her values and misusing the word “vegan”. She promotes a plant-based diet and that would be a more accurate phrase for her to use. I don’t know about her ethical values (as far as I know, she uses the word “vegan” to mean a “plant-based” diet). But being vegan is about eliminating all animal products from the diet for the sake of animal welfare and the earth. The fact that it’s healthy and beneficial is, for me, secondary.
    Now, the problem I see is that she’s giving non-vegans leeway to to continue eating meat from time to time, but that doesn’t really solve the problem we face here on the planet and it certainly doesn’t end the needless suffering of animals from the cruelty of animal agriculture. However, I’m glad these doctors are normalizing veganism so that society can start making the transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

  10. Kurtis Smith
    Kurtis Smith says:

    I just shot a deer 2020… and I still respect this conversation. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat a healthy diet. Red meat, poultry, fish you name if everyone regardless of location or social economical background should have access to a healthy variety of foods. Lets all strive for health and less on fadd diets. Also vegetables on the grill with a dash of oil or butter are delicious.

  11. Ayarte xD
    Ayarte xD says:

    I wish i could find so understanding cardiologist like her to find out what happening to me, cuz my heart problem is worse and worse but most of the time i hear that is because my weight and they dont want to listen that i had problems with heart way before i was overwaight and my cholesterol was rly good..

  12. poorpluto94
    poorpluto94 says:

    Definitely don’t want to go totally vegan I love meat, but my cholesterol was 107 so I can definitely manage to make more of my diet plant based, but I’m trying to start slow by cutting down fried foods and red meats. I’m also going through the drive through less , and watching the fat in those little snacks.

  13. Elaine Vigneault
    Elaine Vigneault says:

    BTW the ingredients of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are vegan ingredients. And even though they were tested on animals (like all meds) they killed fewer animals than most medicines. As a vegan I am pro-vaccine. And I got my first dose 🙂

  14. Intentional Des
    Intentional Des says:

    I feel like it’s because people always want a clear yes or no type answer. But one of the earliest lessons I learned in college is that we have to learn to accept in between answers because so many things do not have clear concise answers. And the vegan community can be sort of harsh because they want to accept the clear answer that vegan is the only way when it’s not really the case. I’m personally plant focused and do not eat red meat at all and I feel if everyone were to do that it would have great impacts on our health and earth.

  15. RetroRuco
    RetroRuco says:

    Es un clásico oír a los veganos solo hablar de grasa y carne roja, es como decirles a ellos, HEY EL AZUCAR VEGANO MATA Y DA DIABETES, seria enfocarse en que las frutas tienen mucha azúcar y los campos de cultivo desgastan la tierra.
    Solo hacen comparaciones con gente obesa y no gente normal, conozco veganos gordos con problemas de azúcar, porque su comida es sosa.
    PORQUÉ UN VEGANO QUIERE QUE SU COMIDA SEPA A HAMBURGUESA O COSTILLAS, si eres vegano, porqué buscar igualar el sabor a músculos y sangre?
    Si los animales de granja ya no fueran usados, quien querría pagar su manutención? De hecho los condenarian a la extinción.
    Y quienes comen verduras, semillas y pescado, como en oriente, con sus grasas omega, sus proteínas son aun mas sanos que los veganos
    Ser vegano requiere mucho tiempo y dinero, es para gente rica o acomodada o por moda, nunca he visto un obrero o un campesino queriendo ser ser vegano.
    La médico nunca respondió por la evolución del cerebro humano y su relación con el consumo de proteínas animales.
    Saludos a todos.

  16. Everything is here
    Everything is here says:

    Got a question dr. Mike: sometimes when a busy brainstorming something at work or when I am doing something important, if somebody stops by and start talking, I am trying to listen to them but it fells like their speech is blurred (like vision do sometimes), means like I hear it as noise but I can't comprehend it. So I have to leave what I'm doing and concentrate on what they are saying. Is it abnormal


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