What Causes Seizures In Pets

http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2011/02/22/pet-seizures-and-pet-dog-cat-food-diet.aspx?x_cid=youtube Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive …

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  1. 5g: A mask Won't Save You
    5g: A mask Won't Save You says:

    My cat threw up in the middle of the night, then she began having what I thought were seizures but omg it looked like something was picking her up and throwing her.
    It was scary as hell…once she finally stopped i surrounded her with pillows and lay wrapped around her for the rest of the night.
    In the morning she was extremely dazed and her eyes looked, like, faded.
    I had her put to sleep at 12:30 that same day.
    I didnt ever find anything that described what I saw my cat go thru.
    If these were seizures, they were extremely violent.
    I have no idea what happened to Peachie.
    She was 16.
    She was healthy-looking, she acted healthy.

  2. Katherine Kempen
    Katherine Kempen says:

    My dog has been my service dog for 2 years and then was diagnosed with epilepsy at least that what the vet says she has grand mal seizures, I feed her an all raw diet she loves It i wish I could cure her seizures but I have no money And it really sucks cause she has seizures and we don’t know if she will have one out in stores we started not going to places that often I love her so much and it breaks my heart not being able to do anything when she has a seizure, I usually put a blanket over her because it calms her down after her seizure, and she becomes very aggressive after one I hate watching her have a seizure I wish I could just fix everything and make it better for her, I tried to get her aloe Vera for her seizure but the next day she had a seizure she has one around every month and is put on medication I wish we didn’t have to use medication cause it is bad for her liver uhhhhhhhh i hate this so much I wish it could just go away plz pray for her🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  3. supergirl toTheRescue
    supergirl toTheRescue says:

    My boxer dog died at six years old suddenly started foaming at the mouth and fitting more then a few times a day then got worse. He was put on tablets what didn't work so we had no option but to get the vet and sadly put him to sleep out of pain….😫

  4. Riko Lime
    Riko Lime says:

    I have two cats with different seizures. One has the grand mall, lasting less than 60 seconds, few times a year usually after fireworks or really loud noises. Oddly enough, she's also extremely sensitive to anticonvulsants like diazepan and cannot have it (becomes a wet noodle, wobbly, can't walk, dilated eyes, just flops over all over the place disoriented). So she both has seizures and cannot have the medicine to stop seizures. We got her from a shelter and she was very sick (as was her twin), but unluckily she began having seizures at 2 yrs old. They lessened at 4 yrs. She's now 14 and they pretty much stick to a few a year

    The other kitty has the partial body ones, from mid-back down to legs and tail, regular timed twitches every second on the dot, but these don't stop, at all. I drove around from 10 pm to 6 am trying to find an open vet while she was like this, mine opened at 6 am. It took a lot of medicine to stop hers, a lot. She had been run over with a lawn mower as a kitten (her tail was chopped off). This seizure only happened to her once.

  5. litatylovesyou
    litatylovesyou says:

    My cat just had a seizure. This video helped me understand her. She never leaves my side but she wants to be alone. I hope she's better in the morning. From what I read, there's not much too be done but I will set up an appt to see the vet.

  6. Brook Holt
    Brook Holt says:

    Thank you so much for the video. You are very informative on seizures. I had a 2 year old chocolate lab/pit mix that was in status epilepticus and just wouldnt come out of it. We had to put her to sleep because of the dramatic seizures she was suffering from. She was put on anti seizure meds and seemed to work having very seldom seizures. The vet recommended putting her on a diet from Kibbles and Bits which she loved. We started her on Beneful and was alright for a little bit. Then she started throwing it all up with puke everywhere. Then we went and bought Beneful Healthy Weight dog food. She seemed to be ok with it but the seizures starting getting very frequent and horrifying. The day she had the grandmal and wouldn't recover, she was so lifeless and seemed so traumatized from it that we made the decision to have her euthanized. I was balling and crying with family at the emergency pet care hospital. Just so traumatic! After all of this I have researched Beneful dog food and low and behold there was a class action lawsuit against Purina from other dog owners that had suspicion that the dogfood was creating triggers of seizures. Although nothing came out of the lawsuit cause the judge threw it out for not enough evidence. Today I have so many questions about what happened to my Bella. Was it the dogfood? I dont know. I have always wondered if she would have come to a full recovery from the 4 hours being in status epilepticus and had a normal life? I have been devastated from this experience since we lost her! My family loves dogs and wants to get another dog but I have been so traumatized by what Bella went through and dont want that to happen to another family pet. I'm sorry, I have been needing to get this off of my mind for a while but haven't been ready. We had her cremated and think about this everyday! It's been 10 months and still problems talking about it.

  7. Lisa Celeste
    Lisa Celeste says:

    My dog had a seizure hours after his flea/tick/heartworm preventative was administered. He has had a seizure every day since. Those meds are POISON. I started him on CBD oil. too soon to tell if it will work. i am livid with the veterinary industry for advising people to poison their babies with this crap!! do not use those poisons! do some research and you will find there are natural alternatives available!!

  8. Business Minded Mom
    Business Minded Mom says:

    My 9 year old Boston Terrier had 7 progressivly worse seizures last week and then they stopped. She had 2 today again. Her blood work was normal. She paddled, had lots of mucous and urinated. They seem to happen when she's sleeping…so there's really no over stimulation at the onset. It breaks my heart to see her. She stumbles around afterwards and I just try to comfort her. Her recovery time varies, but she usually seems confused and very excited to see us. I can't afford the thousands of dollars for a sedated mri so I'm just going to ask the vet if we can try an anti-seizure med. I never knew how much you could love a dog. It's killing my kids to see her this way too.

  9. ghost seeker owens
    ghost seeker owens says:

    my pitbull died from a 3rd seizure due too heart worms we wanted to take him to the vet but the vetanarian rejected us like assholes and couldn't think of anything to help our baby big tall pitbull named nookie his doggie hole is still there in the shed and I still miss him he was a loving doggie😢😢😢😢

  10. It's me
    It's me says:

    My cat started having grand mal seizures after starting on a higher carb (corn, wheat)pet food from the vets office. She had 2 grand mal seizures in 10 days starting within a couple of days of starting that food. Stopped the food and she stopped having seizures.

  11. JB
    JB says:

    My Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix had seizures. The first time i was so alarmed I rushed her to the vet they did blood tests but couldn't find anything wrong. The second time she had a seizure I stayed calm and stroked her very gently until
    she came out of it.The seizures usually lasted about 3 minutes she was fine after the seizure and I took her outside to get some fresh air. The frequency of her seizures was about 1 to 2 every 3 months.
    Further blood tests still they showed nothing wrong. I never gave her any medication and over a period of time the seizures became less frequent eventually the seizures stopped.Bless her heart Pebbles lived to the age of 15. Dr Becker says it could be diet related too much carbohydrates in food or maybe allergic reaction to flea treatment. Looking back i would have taken her to a homeopathic vet which I did eventually for unrelated condition and it was very beneficial.Thank you Dr Becker this was very informative.

  12. Chris Oakes
    Chris Oakes says:

    Mercury in pet an people vaccines. That's just blatant in your face in purpose to cause health problems an suffering so money can be made an an people benefit from others suffering!!!!!

  13. Michael Shackleton
    Michael Shackleton says:

    My Chihuahua used to have some sort of seizure at times. He did not eat dog food but mostly meats. When I added green veggies, specifically snap peas and spinach which are what he will açcept, the incidents of seizures ceased.

  14. Mhi kl
    Mhi kl says:

    My Corgi girl just turned 16. And five days after her birthday had a grand-mal last night, lasting at least 4-5 minutes, with heavy drooling, and violet shaking and hacking. She has never done this before, to my knowledge and she is always near me. She has been on a BARF diet since turning ten. I know that hacking can be heart distress but she had had her evening large tsp of butter, for butyric acid before bed time. She is fed once a day, but three times a day she gets a little butter for her heart; this routine stopped a sever sudden case of hacking which I was told saved her life from a heart attack. (two+ years ago, age 13+)
    I am refining her diet to see if that will help; more organ meat, less muscle meat.
    She has always been a dreamer (at least that is what I was sure it was) kicking her legs as though running in her sleep. She always awakens when I touch her, as though coming out of a dream for the kicking immediately stopped. Not this time. She was in terrible stress.
    Sadie has had a good life, had the heart of an athlete according to a new vet when I had her check in her second year. But about 2 years ago, began to have walking problems and could not go up the stairs so I took to carrying her up and down the stairs. I then began feeding her raw bovine ligament and tendons, mushed up in my meat grinder. I began to take them too. Cooked ones had done neither her nor me any health benefits; but raw she could suddenly run up the stairs after only a day or two. I found the same support for my bad hip. I still continued to carry her up and down stairs.
    I have been lackadaisical in feeding organ meat, but shall re-evaluate my protocol immediately.
    As long as Sadie likes her food (she suddenly was totally disinterested in any food and this lasted about an hour after the seizure; then she started whining for food, but I did not give in). Corgis are veraciously hungry; all the time.
    She has had a good, pamper demanding life. But until she no longer wants to eat, I will do what I can to make her comfortable and happy.
    Namaste and care,


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