"What the Health" DEBUNKED: An Honest Discussion w/ Doctor Mike & Bethany Watson

Yes!!! You have all been asking about Netflix’s What the health documentary and now it’s time to talk about it in the open! There’s a lot to be said about vegan …

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  1. Klara
    Klara says:

    I also think it's strange to call it wrong eating for example fish, that would otherwise be eaten by other fish, but of course there's a big part of the meat industry that's just straight out gross

  2. jordan johnson
    jordan johnson says:

    What the health isn't biased at all. Any Denial you have about it will make you just turn your head to new information your closed mind has never heard before. The government wants you and your family to die. To Be dependent for them and die slowly and they laugh at you.

  3. Angel Wings
    Angel Wings says:

    Sadly, most doctors are a joke these days and have left so many people sicker and don't care. They come in and out and turn to pills first. Conventional doctors have let me down for years, whereas functional doctors have been more compassionate and focused on the full body. Not a lot of doctors as neutral and as kind as you, unfortunately.

  4. Amēlija Čeiča
    Amēlija Čeiča says:


    I don't think that's a good point. There's no real evidence that plants feel emotion,but for animals its different. Plants don't have a brain or a central nervous system, but animals do. You could say that we just don't know if plants feel pain, but I'd rather cause less suffering to the beings that we are pretty sure experience pain, than to plants, for which we have no good evidence. Responding to outside stimuli, doesn't equal feeling pain.

    Besides, you feed plants to animals and then eat the animals. If both plants and animals could feel pain, wouldn't it still be better to not eat animals and just eat the plants ourselves?

  5. MatsonTV
    MatsonTV says:

    Awesome channel 👌👍 I just started my own review of healthy business if anyone reads this could you tell me what I may need to work on ?? Or any ideas 💡??

  6. Gecka dfsgdfgfd
    Gecka dfsgdfgfd says:

    Im here from the future just to say that also like you said around 15 min that there usually is a motive or a bias and a new health documentary that just came out was in association with a man who was starting a new vegetarian protein powder company who may have been wanting to used these tactics to make more people want to become vegan and use his vegan products. Just a thought though

  7. Julia Kondratyuk
    Julia Kondratyuk says:

    It's interesting when I hear people say that research has "proven" (when you mention it at 10:09), but actually research never really "proves" anything. It can suggest, support, or claim something, but never actually prove a theory.
    But this video does have a lot of GREAT points!! Thanks!!

  8. JD Larson
    JD Larson says:

    I switched to Vegan 2 years ago. Immediately was able to throw away all my pills, BP, acid reflux & cholesterol. Also no longer needed gel testosterone, my energy is awesome. VEGAN has given me my life back, You folks are young, the damage you get from eating meat/dairy WILL show up later in your life…….

  9. Wapper Jaw
    Wapper Jaw says:

    After 10 minutes of this BS, I can't take anymore. We know a lot … the problem is we are being bombarded with industrial studies! Remove them and the actual studies come to light!!! Doctors use to advertise smoking as healthy. Scientists use says lead in the air is ok. We don't need industrial doctors! Your a doctor and you have the capability and have access to real honest studies … if you don't know … do the research. TD and no subscription and you just proved to me you have to be a better doctor that the idiot treating you … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQOXbr_AbOc&t=887s

  10. James Clary
    James Clary says:

    You can be healthy on a plant based diet OR a strictly carnivore diet. Doctors, sadly get very little training in nutrition in Med school and what they do get is often wrong. Suggest a book by Dr Ken Berry “Lies My Dr Told Me”.
    It’s common sense; if a meat based diet was harmful, the Enuits who eat primarily whale blubber, would have died out years ago. “Man” has primarily subsisted on meat with some fruit for 250,000 years and the species has survived. Man didn’t start eating grains until about 10,000 years ago. And those grains were not refined.
    The key is that whichever diet you choose, cut out all processed foods. Especially any form of sugar. The truth is like he said, we DON’T know!
    If you go on a strictly carnivore diet for 30 days and then begin adding foods back in, you can figure out what foods cause inflammation.

  11. BoxOfGod
    BoxOfGod says:

    "Don't eat garbage!", define garbage. For instance spinach is a go to healthy leaf but it contains oxalates which is known nutrient absorption blocker. Also it causes some kind of stones (forgot which) at normal or slightly above normal consumption. Is spinach garbage or healthy even if it causes issues?

  12. O V H
    O V H says:

    Bethany: I am so glad you mentioned a smoker telling you that you shouldn't eat a chicken breast. They hypocrisy and ignorance that comes from smokers is amazing. Cigarettes are hundreds of times more dangerous than any chicken breast and that is a scientific fact.

  13. Kiki
    Kiki says:

    I'm glad that you addressed the somatic cell testing on cows. There are so many people who think that the worst practice in farming is the norm. It's not.

    One thing I'd add is that, before milking, farmers actually clean the udders on each cow. You have to do that because, frankly, they get shit on their udders. Part of the process of cleaning the udder also involves a physical check for signs of mastitis. If the teats are red, or if the cow flinches when you touch them, then that can be a sign of mastitis. If there's any doubt, the farmer will stop the milk of that cow from getting into the vat.

    Mastitis is a serious issue for farmers. Untreated mastitis can kill a cow. So it's always in the farmer's best interest to check the health of their animals every day, and treat them appropriately if they find an infection.

  14. Sam Wingender
    Sam Wingender says:

    19:55 Think about this. Plants are not sentient. They have no central nervous system, no brain, no pain. However, plants do react to stimuli including light, gravity and touch. If you put a cigarette butt in a venus flytrap, it closes. Furthermore, we kill more plants by eating animals than only eating plants because the animals we breed eat an abundance of plants.

  15. Jack Hedges
    Jack Hedges says:

    dr. mike says that the makers of this film, along with many other people trying to make their case, are being disingenuous and biased…while i do agree, i dont see dr. mike not falling into the same common traps…his argument justifying his consumption of meat is based on plant sentience….if you are being honest with yourself, it is clear that the abuse and murder of animals is extremely harsher to the emotions and senses than is the harvesting of plants..the emotional response is not even comparable…the fact that plant sentience is an acceptable argument is ridiculous and insulting to those who care about animal welfare..abusing an animal, sexually, physically and emotionally, is not comparable at any level, other than an inhuman, hypothetical perspective using cold, scientific instruments, to picking the leaves and fruits from a plant…the plant sentience argument, similar to many other perspectives attempting to justify animal product consumption, comes from a place that starts with accepting animal consumption, then finds a case to justify it, rather than starting from a place of neutrality and honesty..the reason mike's argument on plant sentience comes across as untypically contradictory, especially when he express why he doesnt eat roxy but will eat a cow, is because there is not good reason to eat animal products outside of the main reason, which is that you were raised that way and you like it…its good to see how mike's views on the ability to have a healthy vegan diet, and even build muscle, have evolved since this video aired, though


    regarding the ethics if while the animals were alive they had a great time, it would be better to let them live for 6 weeks OR not to have breaded them on the first place ? it seams to me if they get a happy 6 weeks of life there is no problem with killing them, considering that we would not breed them if we did not eat them and letting them live longer is much much worse for the environment ! so we just need to improve there conditions to the best !

  17. EWKification
    EWKification says:

    I'm looking for real arguments that actually debate the movie. This home video with an average doctor, and a layperspon, doesn't deliver.

    They argue that if you are going to say that animals are sentient, well, we can say that plants are sentient. No we can't. They don't have brains. What an insipid argument. This means that if it's OK to cut your grass, it's OK to slaughter any animal, and why not humans, too?!
    Dr. Mike issues another horrendous argument, and I quote:
    "The argument is [that milk] is supposed to make a baby calf gain a million pounds, but you just told me that huge animals are eating vegetables.. Does that mean if I eat vegetables I will become huge, too. So, useless argument in my opinion."

    Eating vegetables make the animals huge over a lifetime, not within months after birth. His argument is useless because it is a non-sequitur.
    Then we get Bethany talking about how some guy yelled at her for eating chicken while he was smoking a cigarette. That has absolutely nothing to do with the movie.

    The movie wasn't debunked here, these two merely did a joint faceplant with logically fallacious arguments.

  18. Waterdragon Clan
    Waterdragon Clan says:

    I was born in the jungle. Meat is once in a year or two when we slaughter our own chicken. When my kids turned vegan, my thought is cost and I debated, "I didn't get to eat much meat when I grow up. So I want to catch up on eating meat" Then my kids made me watch many food related documentary videos (Queen of the sun, Food Inc, What the Health, Vanish of the bees, Cowspiracy, More than honey, Got Milk, etc.). Then I was informed. Still, it was hard at the beginning. We went to a very nice wedding where they served lobster, sea cucumbers, scallops, fish, roast duck, shark fin soap, and Hennesey wine. Some of the food I rarely had or try before, it was tough to stay vegan. After 5 years preparing food, learning what to grow and buy, we are very happy and feel no guilt to eat our meal together (a family with kids, parents and grandparents age 12 to 80). The only supplement I buy is Creatine. Our kids used to get flu every year. After go vegan, none of us have a cold or flu, even traveling around the world. Our boy also happy to show off his six pack to his friends. I am glad that I was informed with those documentary videos. There is no diet fit all, but we should get inform about what we eat and what kind of drug we take.


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