What to Eat on the Mediterranean Diet – Best Weight-Loss Videos

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  1. Dominick Blankenship
    Dominick Blankenship says:

    This video has great information, but I am not sure about the best diet plan which i need to use, only because I have never used any. Anybody tried the Custokebon Secrets? I've heard several people mention incredible things about Custokebon Secrets.

  2. We Love Knowledge
    We Love Knowledge says:

    The Mediterranean Diet Has a Long-Standing Reputation As One of The Healthiest Eating Patterns Around. It’s Also Considered One of The Most Popular Plans Among Dieters Because It’s Flexible, Rich In Flavorful Foods, And Brimming With Health Benefits. In Fact, The Mediterranean Diet Has Been Linked To Increased Weight Loss, Decreased Inflammation, And a Lower Risk of Chronic Disease. This Video Takes a Look At The Mediterranean Diet, Including Its Benefits, Potential Drawbacks, And Foods To Eat And Avoid. https://youtu.be/J_djrKT8nZg 😍

  3. Shepherd Paul
    Shepherd Paul says:

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  4. Vegan Cuz Animals Tho
    Vegan Cuz Animals Tho says:

    This diet contains olive oil though which is way too high in calorie density for weight loss and is also horrible for your heart. It also gives you oily skin. A better way of eating is The Starch Solution. Check it out. Trust me, it works and is healthier.

  5. Emma Anthony
    Emma Anthony says:

    Hello Dr. Oz..ur vdeos r very inspiring..I have vitiligo on my face, palms and feet for many years..is there a remedy or a permanent cure.. I've tried allopathy and homeopathy as well but it just increased.. please let me know.. God bless 🙏.. Love from India..

  6. Daily Dose of Medicine
    Daily Dose of Medicine says:

    Health benefits of a Mediterranean diet

    Preventing heart disease and strokes.
    Keeping you agile.
    Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's.
    Halving the risk of Parkinson's disease.

    Increasing longevity.
    Protecting against type 2 diabetes.
    Eat lots of vegetables.
    Always eat breakfast👍


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