What We Can Learn About Reopening America From Other Countries Covid-19 Strategies

What We Can Learn About Reopening America From Other Countries Covid-19 Strategies The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series.

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  1. Gothic Moon Child 36
    Gothic Moon Child 36 says:

    Also Dr Phil, The Doctors, and Oprah are no where to be found now. They deleted all their videos about the Coronavirus….they stabbed their fans in the back and gave us false information to make a buck and to save themselves..They are shitty disgusting human beings!

  2. Julie Konicke
    Julie Konicke says:

    What about the mental health in our country Doctor Oz in all the people losing their Jobs and the children that are stuck at home with no one to see the abuse…you disappoint me. The BIGGEST HOAX COMMITTED ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. We need to rise up and take our country back before it's to late and all you people are crying for your government to come save you cause they WON'T

  3. kim wiser
    kim wiser says:

    I really like Dr. Oz and I understand what his guest is saying but I’m tired of hearing “trust the scientists.” The Governor in IL says trust the scientists then sends his family to Florida while he tells everyone else to stay home. The Governor in Michigan lies about the protestors and calls them racists. She tells people not to travel to their other homes in the state but then she does. Governors send covid patients to nursing homes. Governors in states with large pensions debts like IL want the federal government to bail them out. 70% of the virus cases in IL are in Chicago yet the governor won’t let businesses open in smaller towns and smaller communities. This one size fits all lock down isn’t working. The virus is dangerous but the cure is becoming worse than the threat of the virus for many people.

  4. Ash Man Brown
    Ash Man Brown says:

    Hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc it's best safest medicine, 100% cure, But must be use early, before the virus damage the body. no need of any dangerous vaccine or deadly Rendisvior, don't be mislead buy big rich pharma . Good luck

  5. Ben Garrett
    Ben Garrett says:

    Dr. Oz, THERE IS NOW A 100% CURE FOR COVID-19 BY DR. THOMAS YADEGAR, ICU Director of the Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center in Tarzana, California. Due to his success with the COVID-19 disease he is currently supervising treatments for COVID-19 patients at 6 major hospitals in southern California. A transcript of a recent interview with Dr. Yadegar in which he discusses his cure is online at the Glenn Beck radio show website in the news section for the news of April 28, 2020. This good news should be spreading like wildfire. And, I am trying do do my part to help spread this groundbreaking good news. What about you, Dr. Oz? Can you help too?

  6. Lou F
    Lou F says:

    It seems like starting from square- one with an additional track record. The saying goes "All it takes is one bad apple" (potatoes do the same thing – spread rot).


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