What’s the Best Way to Clean Your Ears?

We polled you, loyal viewers, and found that 64% of you clean your ears with cotton swabs — and that’s not the best way! Dr. Jennifer Caudle demonstrates one …

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  1. TOMcatSUD
    TOMcatSUD says:

    We thought that my Dad can’t hear us because of his age. For years his case became worse and we took him to the doctor to get him hearing aids. The doctor decided that my Dad just needs to clean up his ears and that what we did. Now his hearing improved by 90%. Now, his mode changed and he started interacting with the world! Age ain’t nothing but a number.

  2. Find out about it
    Find out about it says:

    i havent cleaned my ears over amlmost 3 months now. I just got LOTSSSS of qtips. and i already know that q tips arent good. i cleaned out the right side of my ear and then i went so deep that the qtip started to push the ear wax to my ear drum. I then looked up the proper way to clean you ear. then i realized you can poar hydrogen peroxide in your ear and lemme tell you boy

  3. Brandan Bieber
    Brandan Bieber says:

    bleed because he has cancer and he couldn’t sleep, so i wanted to drain the bad blood for him for he could sleep, so much of the bad blood came out that he has been sleeping for almost a full week straight now

  4. valnaples
    valnaples says:

    NO Swabs in years…and yet, I cannot GET the wax out…I've tried Debrox…let it soak in and try to irrigate it out…nope…then I tried straight peroxide….nope would not budge. Had to go to urgent care…so embarrassing…but they got it out!

  5. tiffany boersma
    tiffany boersma says:

    Ah shoot. Now I maybe will have seizures because I just used a q tip to clean the surface of the ear. Anyone please help me to prevent further problems than just hearing loss? I just wanna have a good life without any seizures to occur during any parts of my life? And not to have any permanent damage and im scared. Any likes to help this situation get better😞😞😞. But not the ear canal so I may be fine. Since my hearing is only muffled. Any suggestions on if this is going to get worse and then cause infections?

  6. rubix P
    rubix P says:

    Whenever I used q tips I would put a bit of vaseline on my hand and turn the q tip in it so that it is evenly coated and then I'd use it in my ear. I guess it's bad to use q tips but it feels so nice


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