Why Crispr Technology Has Never Been More Critical Than During Covid-19 Pandemic

Why Crispr Technology Has Never Been More Critical Than During Covid-19 Pandemic The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series.

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  1. Fieldsword Ryntong
    Fieldsword Ryntong says:

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  2. GameR BoY
    GameR BoY says:

    Hi. Share. COVID 19 prevention do have bath after sexual intercourses with wife and before midnight 🕛 and before breakfast and before Muslim prayers and after any work wash hands with soap 🧼 and water 🚿

  3. Terry Harnden
    Terry Harnden says:

    When I see seven billion brainwash by MkUltra

    I feel I am able to predict the future. 4 times more black males than white males are susceptible to autism from the vaccination schedule. I see a similar situation for North American Aboriginals. I predict it applies Covid and the vaccinations as well. Covert planned extermination. I consider suppressing Propolaxis mass murder of possibility millions. Part of Bill Gates agenda to exterminate 90% of humanity.

  4. Sockz
    Sockz says:

    Dr Oz said “Diversity is was makes us resilient”. Doesn’t that include microbial, bacterial, and viral biodiversity? Genuinely asking.

  5. Mom•Ovary•Acting
    Mom•Ovary•Acting says:

    This is how science always goes wrong, it starts off with good intentions & when society starts getting comfortable with it they will start to take bigger risks, each time taking small steps further away from what’s ethical. Newer generations will only see the opportunities available & think about expanding in ways we can’t even begin to imagine ✌🏼❣️🙏🏼


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