Why Does My Eye Twitch? | Responding To Your Comments Ep. 20

In this twentieth episode of Responding to Comments, I tackle the age old question of “why the heck does my eye twitch sometimes?” It might not seem like a life …

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  1. Fiona Quach
    Fiona Quach says:

    question Dr. Mike! i have scoliosis and i went to physical therapy a few years ago and they said i quote on quote “graduated” from it and was getting better. i still do my exercises when i can, but there is this popping noise at my lower back whenever i raise my leg, usually laying flat, but sometimes when i’m sitting or standing too. is that normal or should i get that checked out?

  2. CurlyFry
    CurlyFry says:

    Hey doctor mike I’m having trouble losing weight. I’ve always been on the chubby side but was able to shed weight normally just by diet alone. Lately I’ve been working out daily and changed my diet but I’m just gaining more weight. The only way I can lose weight is if I stop eating altogether. What should I do?

  3. Svea Hansson
    Svea Hansson says:

    Dr Mike i have a few questions for you, Question 1: I am ten years old and i already have my period and i want to know if that is a normal age to get your period? Question 2: i have birthmarks but some of them are red and very tiny, what are they? Question 3: My eyes work fine but one of them are a little more open than the other one, why? Also i love your videos 😀

  4. Sam de la Bretoniere
    Sam de la Bretoniere says:

    I had surgery to remove an ABC tumor on my right scapula 3 years ago and ever since have had weird tingling around my left ear randomly. Almost as if the nerves on and around my ear are hypersensitive? Any thoughts?

  5. Sunric159
    Sunric159 says:

    Question: Without caffeine my fingers will shake when trying to hold my hand still. However, when I drink an energy drink my fingers stop shaking. Is this a problem? 😂

  6. panda girl
    panda girl says:

    Question: i broke my knee back in November i had fallen and broke a small piece of bone off my knee cap now when i walk sometimes my knee will pop over and over it doesnt hurt but i often put my brace on then why foes it do that?

  7. John R
    John R says:

    Hey Doctor Mike, I have a question: once in a while, I have been getting severe pain in my abdomen, it basically feels like a charley horse you get on your leg, only in my stomach. What can this be?

  8. Aurumora
    Aurumora says:

    I think Dr Mike needs advice from a therapist. Yes you can train your tongue it is a muscle. And drinking while lying down is potentially dangerous. You could gain pneumonia.

  9. Isla Smith
    Isla Smith says:

    Hi, so for the last 3 years or so every few months one of my ears goes muffled like the air needs to be popped, but I can’t. I can still hear a little bit out of it and there seems to be no trigger and it usually goes away before it gets too bothersome. However I got it yesterday, tried to get rid of it and it wouldn’t go, it lasted all day and in my last lesson (I’m 15 btw) I started cleaning some of the wax out of my ear (not using a q tip) it went away for a split second, and then when I went to clean more wax from my ear it came straight back, only now it hasn’t gone away. My ear (left) is always ringing even if there’s noises around me and it huts when I put pressure on the tragus and push it in my ear, and weirdly when I hiccough (thats hiccup to Americans).

  10. Phynix Huhn-Simmons
    Phynix Huhn-Simmons says:

    Question: I’ve had a random neck twitch my entire life. It doesn’t happen during any specific situation or anything and nor is it painful; it’s super random and happens at least once a day. I asked my mom about it when I was younger and she said that it’s normal because she’s done that her whole life. Any ideas at what causes my neck twitches?

  11. RandomNumbers
    RandomNumbers says:

    Question: What are infected hairs and how do I get rid of them. I started shaving below my body and started getting red bumps across my thighs. I've currently stopped shaving the area, but they haven't gone away. I am a man if that helps for anything.


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