Yeast Infection in Dogs Dr. Karen …

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  1. Savannah Rhodes
    Savannah Rhodes says:

    From day one of doing the vinegar, hydrogen peroxide rinses my dog has stopped chewing her paws! We are now on day 4 and she is healing!
    Just got to figure out how to address the yeast on her chin.

  2. Jeffrey Goggin
    Jeffrey Goggin says:

    To get rid of a yeast infection in dogs all you have to do is feed it a natural diet no sugars no medications from your vet all natural products and the infection will seece don't buy meds from your vet waste of money natural diet every time

  3. beth98362
    beth98362 says:

    I highly recommend (NWC Natural, brand)
    Total-Zymes plus Pro-Biotics for dogs and cats!
    My dog developed a really bad yeast infection after a neighbor threw a cup with poison in it into my yard and my dog consumed all of it! It killed off all her gut bio and almost killed her!
    Then the yeast set in and… Well, it was a total stink fest!
    once she started taking the biotics she was like a new dog within three days!

  4. E E
    E E says:

    Took my dog to the vet for insane itching – the very first thing he wanted to do was put her on Apoquel – ummmm HECK NO

    How about we figure out what’s causing the itch instead of putting on a bandaid that comes with a million side effects?

  5. Tammy Huennerkopf
    Tammy Huennerkopf says:

    Shared. Thank you! Popcorn smell or corn chip smell. Yes………Bathe them regularly with oatmeal dog shampoo. Ohhhh, Tea Tree shampoo. My friend did just disagree with me about the oatmeal. She was right.

  6. Andreina Jimenez
    Andreina Jimenez says:

    I expende since January over $600 on different antibiotics for her skin infections, watching this video have me realize my Vet just wanted to keep trying to get my chihuahua mix to come to him, he never did a skin swap, he just told me to change her diet . this video was very informative

  7. Alan
    Alan says:

    Very informative video. I have a one and a half-year-old pitbull. they’re notorious for skin issues this dog was living on Benadryl the vet recommended prednisone tried it once it worked for a couple of weeks, at that point I was ready to change my dogs name to Fritos …..LOL….Made your solution noticeable difference overnight she did very little licking the next day and the Fritos smell was gone… I’ve had her on a grain free diet from the beginning, but her food has sweet potatoes in it, so now we’ll just have to see and monitor her. Great Job and Rosie loves you as well… 🙏 THANK YOU….

  8. bunakkaptan
    bunakkaptan says:

    Dear Dr. Becker,
    I don't know how to thank you .I've watched listened…. read many videos. lectures and books. But none of them was useful for my dog….. THANK YOU And Love from Istanbul Turkiye ( NOT Turkey ! it's TURKIYE )

  9. Abim Wessey
    Abim Wessey says:

    $2300 and they didn't do a damn thing for my small breed doggies! did as the video instructed $20 bucks for the items CURED! wow, wish i would had found the video sooner. thank you Dr.Becker!!!!!!!!!

  10. carl david
    carl david says:

    Best clear advice.
    Will try on my bulldog.
    Not sure if yeast. Vets had me try antibiotics but did not help.
    Not mange. No bugs or mites.
    Hope to update after it works.
    Thank you

  11. Eight Jane
    Eight Jane says:

    Were in a bad spot right now and cant afford an expensive vet visit for yeast. My staffie has yeasty toes (nothing extreme but noticable) and my boxer/lab is just yeast everywhere. So bad its makeing her disagreeable. I'll be picking these items up and next work and starting regular rinses and baths.
    Thank you so much for this video!

  12. ohmercy
    ohmercy says:

    Thank you so much for this information. Great video. Informative and coherent- no rambling or extraneous information.
    My pug mix has had a chronic ear infection for many, many months. I took him to vet 4 times in 5 months and was given very expensive meds that really never completely worked. One was an application of drops once a day and an ear wash every other day. Next was a med the vet inserted into the ears that was supposed to dissipate over the course of 3weeks. Went back and we did the first one again. Went back and was told his ear canal was very small so that could be the problem with solution not reaching inside. So back to the vet inserted med. Back again thinking maybe he would try a different med and was recommended he go on prednisone for life if I couldn’t afford to get him recurring shots for life! WHAAAAT? I should mention here he has no skin issues and he only licks his feet when he’s scratching his ears.
    Since then I’ve been trying Zymox which helped just as much as the meds but didn’t cure him. I’ve been researching other OTC remedies and natural remedies through internet searches and talking with other people who have had these issues. So this will be the next step right after I watch your inflamed ear video. Now to research foods. My income is soooo limited it’s going to be a real strain but what other choice do I have.

  13. Lexington Thompson
    Lexington Thompson says:

    Thanks for this video..we have been fighting an infection in both back paws for a year. Our vet is frustrated and seems to be at a loss to help. Three rounds of both antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds with only limited results. The infections always return. I will do foot soaks as you recommended. Question: what dog food brand do you recommend?
    Thanks again!


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